Tips For Choosing The Best Logo For Your Business

One of the most challenging tasks for even the most experienced graphic design professionals is to come up with a business logo. You have to realize that a corporate logo…

One of the most challenging tasks for even the most experienced graphic design professionals is to come up with a business logo. You have to realize that a corporate logo is the identity of the business, its values, culture and vision. In just a small piece of design you have to communicate a strong message with your customers. This is why it is highly recommended for you to give it ample time before you finalize your business logo. Here are a few tips to help you pick a logo that best reflects the culture of your company.

  • Choose the Logo Type

The first important thing you have to do is making a selection from different designs and styles. There are different types of logos: typefaces, abstract designs and illustrative. This is going to be a very important decision because you will have to narrow down your options as to what goes on your logo and what does not. A typeface logo is just the name of your company or initial of the company name written in a particular font. The best example of this type of logo is Google. Illustrative logo directly tells people about the products or services of a company. The best example of this type of logo is NBA – it’s a logo with a player holding a basketball. Lastly, you have abstract designs whose best examples are Nike and Total.

  • Decide Your Logo’s Language

When you want your logo to reflect your company’s culture and the values behind the business, the choice of language is important. If you are a Japanese company and you want to represent Japanese culture, you would want your logo to be in Japanese as well. By spending more time on designing the logo, you could combine two languages

  • Send a Message with Logo Color

The color of your logo is of vital importance. Colors have psychological effects on people so you have to choose the most fitting logo according to your business type. Red is often associated with youthful and bold; orange with cheerfulness and confidence; blue with trust and strength; yellow with optimism and clarity; green with growth and peacefulness; and purple with imagination and creativity. You can look at the logos of some other companies to get the feel before deciding yours.

  • Make the Shape Count

In addition to color and logo type, you need to spend some time thinking about the shape that would best fit your logo. Just like colors, shapes send psychological signals to people as well. However, that’s not the only thing to pay attention to. Another important factor here is the shapes that are “in” these days. Keep in mind that shape does not mean introducing a lonely geometrical figure in your logo, but it is associated with the overall shape of the logo and its font too. For example, you could choose rounded or pointy corners for the font and logo design. If you look carefully at most logos today, you will find out that pointy figures and edges are more popular. Some examples of pointy logo designs and fonts include Microsoft Windows, Mitsubishi, Adidas, IBM, FedEx, etc. The other shape that is really in is a complete circle for e.g. Target, Baskin Robbins, LG, Oracon, Pepsi, VW, Dell, Master Card, NASA, etc.

  • Pick the Right Designer

This the most important part of this whole logo designing process. When you want your logo to be designed from the scratch, all you have with you is an idea. It needs an experienced and creative graphic design team to convert this invisible imagination into a visible logo. As easy as it might seem, this is one of the most difficult things to do in terms of creativity. An artist can paint a picture from the scratch because it is his/her own creation. A logo designer has to be creative while staying within the boundaries outlined by company owners. When it comes to your graphic design company, do not make your decision based on how much you will have to spend.