How To Use SMM To Boost Your SEO

If you go back a couple of years, search engine optimization and social media marketing were considered completely different concepts with no link between them. However, …

If you go back a couple of years, search engine optimization and social media marketing were considered completely different concepts with no link between them. However, SEO companies take both these concepts side by side today and have been able to create a strong link between them too. While you cannot treat SMM as one of the factors that affect your SEO, you can complement your SERP rankings with it. Here are a few ways you can complement SEO with SMM.

  • Get Indirect Links to Your Website

Social networking websites are for you to share useful content so you can get people’s attention. Of course, you don’t have to talk about your business all the time. Instead, you should be looking for ways to create unique and interesting content with some relevance to your industry. If you have a famous beverage company, you could write a post on how to make bottles. Such interesting articles are informative for people, and they feel the need to use them as a reference in their content. You never know which particular post from you got viral and mentioned on hundreds of high-authority blogs, which will not be your strategy to create backlinks but it can help you create them. These natural links from high-authority websites can boost your SERP rankings.

  • Get Positively Reviewed

Positive reviews you receive from customers on various social networking websites can help you with search engine optimization. If you have not noticed already, Google now shows ratings and reviews with its search results, especially when people search for local businesses. It will show them their contact details, opening and closing hours, location on the map and overall ratings received from customers. Google collects these ratings from various reliable and high-authority websites on the internet. Your positive reviews on social networking websites can greatly help you here. Keep in mind that local traffic is always considered highly lucrative by businesses.

  • Create B2B Relations

Social media is not just for B2C interactions but equally for B2B relations as well. Today, businesses are using all types of unique ways to get more exposure on the internet and thus more traffic on their websites. Social networking websites give you huge opportunities to creating and strengthening B2B relations. You can join communities where other businesses are present and make interactions. You can mention your partners in your posts and expect them to mention you in theirs. In fact, many YouTubers use this particular method to launch their channels at the beginning. You can even create collaborative content because it gets internet users’ attention, which can prove to be a free way for you to get links from your partners’ websites as well. Businesses also use press release as a way

  • Create Direct Links

Some social networking platforms can create direct links for you. They can help you appear in search results even if your main website does not. Think about Youtube videos that appear in search results regardless of how high or low the website ranks. There are many ways for you to create videos with useful content. One of the things you can use to your advantage is SEO triggering terms such as “how to,” “tips for” etc. If you are an IT company and need to explain a complex IT process, it is best that you create a video for it. For example, if you look for a “how to” video on virtualization, you will find a Youtube result right on the first page.

By now you must have realized that you can use search engine optimization and social media marketing in combination to gain SEO benefits. You should hire a professional SEO company that can do it for you at a reasonable price.