What Makes A Website User-Friendly?

One of the most common concerns for modern website designers is user experience, often referred to as UX. UX is user focused and constitutes an experience that revolves a…

One of the most common concerns for modern website designers is user experience, often referred to as UX. UX is user focused and constitutes an experience that revolves around what a user would like, find convenience, hold in memory and want to return to. For a website to be memorable and worthy for a visitor to return, it needs to be friendly. There are many different factors that need to be incorporated in a website design in order to make the website user friendly. Here are the most important ones:

The Fast Loading Speed

How fast your website loads is more like how you welcome the user. The longer it takes for your website to load the more a user feels like going away from it. In fact, statistics on website users show that pages that load slowly send away a lot of visitors. Not to mention, Google also considers website loading time as one of the important factors in ranking it in its search results. Choose the right host, get your website developed by professionals and have your images and other content optimized to keep website speeds fast.

The Easy Tabs

No matter how modern-looking you want your website, do not walk completely away from the most understood and accepted norms. If you notice you will realize that most websites have a maximum of 5 tabs located on the top right or left hand side. These are the best locations for your tabs to be located. If hovering the mouse pointer over your tabs opens up drop down lists, make sure they are not obstructing other elements on the page.

The Home Page Link

It is also one of the most common practices on websites to make the website’s name or logo on the top left or middle clickable. Clicking on this takes the visitor to the home page of the website. Believe it or not, most visitors on your website expect the logo to be clickable and they click on it frequently to keep going back to the home page. If the logo is not clickable, make sure to have a “home” tab located in easy sight of the user.

The Search Feature

If you have an ecommerce website, it needs to have the search feature on top. This allows many visitors on your website to look for the item specifically. Sometimes, people do not pay much attention to an item and so they don’t add it to their cart. Later on they come back looking for that particular item but it becomes a huge challenge when there is no search box. By making it convenient for these users not only will you make your website user friendly but also give a boost to your sales and conversion.

The Contact Us Page

There is a reason why almost every website on the internet has a contact us page. It is surprising that there still are some websites without a contact us page. Even if they have the contact us page, there is no good information on that page. You want to make sure there is a phone number on the page along with an email address and the location to your business.


This is probably the most important and most user-friendly feature that can be on an ecommerce website. When users go on a website to purchase something, they have to provide their sensitive banking information. Since today’s customers are well aware of security on the internet, they want your website to be safe and secure. SSL certificate ensures their information is going through safe lines and can’t be intercepted by an unauthorized party. This is a must-have feature for ecommerce websites and one that can greatly impact conversion negatively or positively.