Ways To Benefit From Infographics In Your Social Media Marketing

Most social media marketing experts highly recommend the use of infographics. This because infographics are considered one of the most accepted and engaging forms of cont…

Most social media marketing experts highly recommend the use of infographics. This because infographics are considered one of the most accepted and engaging forms of content on social networking websites. They grab people’s attention within seconds. With an infographic, you are only trying to present some information in the most interesting and unique way possible. It’s not the information that’s interesting but the way you present it. However, how should you use infographics for social media marketing to make the most of them? Look at few important considerations.

Go with the Trend

Whenever it comes to sharing stuff on social media, you need to get yourself up-to-date with the latest trends. This is the only way for you to stay relevant to the people and get them interested in your stuff easily. You just need to know the latest trends around the world and create an infographic that somehow relates to those trends. If you leave this job to the professionals, they will come up with a good idea of how they will use your matter and link it with the latest trends. A little visit to various social networking websites can give you a quick idea of what’s trending and what’s hot.

Use the Right Network

Not every social networking platform is going to be good platform for your infographics. There are certain social networking platforms where people take more interest in infographics. In fact, people would go on these social networking platforms specifically to find something interesting such as infographics. The best places to share your infographics are Instagram and Pinterest. This is not to say that you should not share your infographics on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networking platforms, but for visual content you will get the best response from Instagram and Pinterest since they are mainly image based platforms.

Share with Targeted Groups

You don’t want to share the infographics randomly on social networks because it is not going to work for you. You will first have to know which type of people your infographic will be most interesting for. You then join the communities, circles and groups where your infographics will be most relevant. For example, if your infographic is more businesses related and has a corporate vibe to it, the best platform for you to share it will be LinkedIn. Even on LinkedIn you will find groups and industries that have relevance with the infographic you are about to share. A community of teens on Facebook might not have any interest in an infographic that’s about oil industry.

Share with Written Posts

Your infographic might not have the right potential to attract audience towards it if you share it without any written content. It’s best that you share a blog post, a written piece of material, and add the infographic to put more power in your post. This creates the backlinks opportunities for you. When other bloggers see a blog post with an infographic, they will automatically know it’s a quality post. They can greatly benefit from such posts by sharing them with their target audience. Once they share it on their blogs and put your link as source, you will benefit from their target audience.

Use Pictures, Charts and Graphs

Infographics are not interesting per se. Keep in mind that attractiveness of your infographic depends on how you present the information. If your infographic looks like strings and clusters of text-only content, no one is going to read it. You have to add visuals, pictures, geometric shapes, graphs and charts to get people’s attention to the infographic. However, your information must always be in a very easy format so people understand it quickly. Do not clutter the infographic. Do not complicate things in an attempt to explain them.