Ways Videos Boost Your Website’s SEO

In the past when internet speeds were not that good, videos were often kept away from websites. It was thought that putting videos on the website will make it too heavy f…

In the past when internet speeds were not that good, videos were often kept away from websites. It was thought that putting videos on the website will make it too heavy for most users to be able to open the website fully. However, times have changed and video content is considered the most important form of content. SEO companies now focus on creating compelling video content not only to put on the website but share on social networking websites as well. Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter auto-play a video as the users scroll on to them. This shows how important video content has become today. As for SEO side of the story, here’s how video content can help.

  • Video Transcription Boosts SEO

It is impossible for search engine crawlers to index your video because the crawlers cannot hear or watch things. But it does not mean whatever video you put on your website goes un-indexed. The way to get crawlers’ attention is by creating a video transcript. A video transcript is a written form of whatever is being spoken in the video. This content is then put under the video for the search engine crawlers to index. Not only is this content good for indexing purposes but it also helps people who want to know what the video is saying but are not good at understanding the language being spoken in the video.

  • Closed Captioning Helps Big Time

Closed captioning is an ingenious way of making videos contribute to your website’s search engine optimization. When you say closed captioning, you are referring to a text document to which the video is connected. These closed captions appear on the video as it plays and are synced with the video and audio. They are more like subtitles but there are some fundamental differences. Subtitles only contain words being spoken in the video whereas closed captions contain more information such as the background music sound effects. So while subtitles might only show what a person is saying while screaming, closed caption will also show the sound effects of a bomb’s explosion that has caused the person to scream.

  • Video Interaction Increases Visitor Stay Time

The best thing about video content is that it is engaging. In fact, you have to hire the best animators and editors to create videos that are engaging. You want to take up a simple idea and present it in an appealing way. When your videos are engaging, users stay on your web page and watch them. It increases the time a user spends on your website, and it can really help your website’s SEO. Google takes it as a negative signal when visitors land on your website and leave within a few seconds. When visitors stay on your web pages for a long time, this sends a positive signal to Google and it ranks your website higher.

  • Videos Create Backlinks

One of the things you can do with videos is creating backlinks. To create backlinks you will have to come up with creative content. The large companies of the world these days are creating videos with moral lessons and emotional values. They do this because this content receives a lot of views and is used by various online bloggers for promoting certain ideas. If you can create something really new and fresh, these bloggers will use your video and link back to your website, or provide the link back to the original video. At the end, the visitors will be directed to your website. However, you have to make sure that your website content and landing pages are just as compelling as the content of your video.