Can You Retain Customers With Website Uptime?

Does the website uptime or downtime affect the perception of your customers and visitors about your brand? Will there be any difference in your website traffic’s behaviour if you had too many downtimes? Of course, ask any web hosting experts, and they will tell you that the importance of website uptime is imperative in customer retention. On the other hand, you can damage your brand’s reputation big time if your website experiences too many downtimes. Here are some ways your website’s uptime will help you retain your customers.

It Builds Trust
What one thing common in all the big websites such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? It is their uptime. Users just cannot imagine these websites going down. In fact, it will be quite an event on the internet if any of these websites go down. Coming to the point, the fact that users find these websites virtually always running makes them trust them. When they upload some information on these websites, they are mentally at peace to find the same information back when they return.
It Gets Rid of Frustration
Website downtimes for your users are like internet disconnections. You do understand the frustration that comes with internet disconnections. Users are equally annoyed when they come to a website and find it down. This frustration can lead to reduced traffic on your website. More and more of your users will feel like going to your competitor’s website as they don’t have to face this type of frustration on their websites. On the other hand, your visitors will never think of going on some other website when they are satisfied with yours.
It Develops Trust in Your B2B Community
Another amazing thing about having your website up at all times is trust development in your B2B community. When other businesses partner with you, they like to evaluate your business from all possible angles. From the reputation of your company to the design of your letterhead, they want consistency and professionalism in everything. They are looking for the same factors in your website. They might not pay too much attention to the uptime of your website because this is something they believe you have taken care of. However, they will never forget even that one instance when they had found your website down.
It Sends a Strong Impression about Your Brand to Other Professionals
When you have an online website, you need assistance from search engine optimization professionals, website designers, social media marketers and many other types of professionals. Now, it is important that these professionals take you seriously because that way they will provide you with the best of their services. However, if they notice that your website goes down a lot, this will send them a message that you are not much aware of what you are doing. While not all but some will take advantage of this situation and try to convince you to accept their subpar services. Keep in mind that a website designed professionally will automatically retain customers for you.
It Makes Scalability Easy for You
If you expect your business to grow with time, you have to choose the right website host. As your website gets bigger, you might have to move from a shared website hosting package to dedicated or virtual private server hosting. You can only do that when you are already satisfied with your current website host. Keep in mind that scalability is extremely important as your website gets bigger because hosting thousands of website visits every day and having GBs of data is not possible with basic web hosting packages. The more seamlessly you scale your website, the better user experience you will be able to provide leading to higher customer retention.