Can Images Make Social Media Marketing More Effective?

If you are a startup business and need to make your social media marketing effective, you might want to make images a constant part of your social media posts. When on social media, you will have to create content that moves away from conventional sales pitches and creates an emotional connection with the audience. What’s even more important is that your posts have to be attention grabbing. As people are scanning through their social media streams, they must stop scrolling naturally as soon as your post comes before their eyes. The use of images has been the strongest area for most successful social media marketers in the recent days.

If you are considering a social media marketing campaign for your business, here are some reasons why you should also use images in your content.

  • Images Get Attention Immediately

If you have been on social networking websites you will agree that images are able to get attention much faster than text-only content. Whether on smartphones or desktops, people scan through their social networking streams pretty fast. They stop at a post only when it appeals them visually and at first glance. According to recent statistics, tweets that have some sort of image in them are retweeted 150% more than tweets that don’t have any images in them. In a similar fashion, content shared on Facebook with images gets engaged 2.3 times more than content without pictures. From this, you can conclude that not only do images get attention faster, but have higher chances of getting reshared on social media too.

  • Images Explain Things Better

If you have the type of services or products that need explanation, images will make more sense in your posts than text. People understand things much faster and more effectively when they are able to see pictures. Technological concepts like containers, virtualization, etc. are great examples of things that are best explained using images. You can also use images to explain your customers how they can apply for certain promotions and special offers. You can create how-to tips with images to get reel in more customers and improve engagement.

  • Some Social Networks Are All About Images

There are some social networks that are all about images. Even though Facebook and Twitter posts and tweets also have a lot of images in them, the content shared on these platforms is not specifically meant to be visual. On the other hand, social networking platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are specifically designed for sharing your stories, emotions, feelings and thoughts in the form of pictures. Recent statistical data shows that Instagram now has more than 700 million active users every month. They were around 600 million towards the end of 2016. If you are a business looking for social media presence, you would not want to ignore the fastest growing social networks from your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Your Competitors Are Using Images

While you are still planning a solid social media marketing campaign for your business, your competitors are there making a good first impression. Businesses have realized the importance of images in attracting customers on social media. This is why they would include images with their posts even if their post is just an inspirational quote. Images make bland content more appealing for people and they readily click them.
However, you will also have to learn the art of creating the right images. There are certain ways you can make your images more clickable. You can get a lesson from YouTubers who are known for creating compelling thumbnails for their videos. Samsung’s Facebook page is a great example of how even the largest companies of the world are now using images and videos in their social media content.