Small Business Website Best Practices

The design and layout of a website matters even more for small businesses than it does for big businesses. This is because small businesses are still looking for a way to…

The design and layout of a website matters even more for small businesses than it does for big businesses. This is because small businesses are still looking for a way to become successful on the internet. Any minor mistakes can lead to failure and thus shut down of the business. When you get a website ready for your business, you need to make sure to have certain aspects on it. Without these important things, your website will not look complete and professional. Not to mention, these little things can give your business benefit in many different ways.

A Mobile Friendly Approach

Smart phones have taken over the world and businesses have to realize the importance of catering to this market. Future belongs to customers who will be using internet through smart phones the most. Your website has to be ready for mobile users and not just the desktop users. In simple words, your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Search engines like Google have even started to give favor to mobile friendly websites when it comes to mobile searches. Ask your website design firm to create a mobile friendly version of your website.

Strong Content

When you read the word content, you have to think of not only the text but videos and images on your website too. The content on your website needs to be engaging not only for visitors for but for your own benefit. Keep in mind that the content that keeps your visitors on your website for long is going to help you with your SEO rankings. Furthermore, Google pushes webmasters to have informative content. If your web pages contain irrelevant information to your ad that appears in search results, you could lose your good rankings on Google. Your videos should have transcriptions and your images should have captions for web crawlers to index them.

Calls to Action

You don’t want visitors on your website just to impress them with your website design. You want them on your website because you need business. In order to make people take the right actions on your website, you need to introduce call-to-actions. In order to introduce call-to-actions you will have to use prominent and compelling buttons. Buttons such as “download”, “sign up” etc., are call-to-action buttons. The appearance of these buttons matters a lot, as they have to be compelling enough to convince visitors to click on them in addition to being easily locatable.

About Us Page

No website, whether big or small, is complete without an About Us page. The About Us page of your website tells about your company and it needs to be written professionally. Different businesses take different approaches to About Us page. Some will talk about how they started the business and others will talk about what their business is all about. Some will even introduce their staff and team with pictures on this page. This page is a great way for you to have an impression on your visitors and customers.

Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page of your website is important for not only visitors but also search engines. You want your contact details along with the address to appear exactly as it appears with Google Places or other Google services. This consistency allows Google to rank your business higher when it comes to local SEO. Only the most professional website design firm will work on all these major and minor aspects of a small business website.

Therefore, it is important that you keep these things in mind when looking for a website design and development company, so you can get the best possible website for your business.