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Joomla Hosting In Jeddah

Joomla Hosting In Jeddah is not a new concept. As a matter of fact, Joomla Hosting In Jeddah has become the favorite among website owners.

Frequently asked questions about Joomla Hosting In Jeddah

  • How do I install Joomla?

The first step is to download the package installer. Upload the Joomla files to the server. The third step is creating a MYSQL database. It is the ideal one while dealing with Joomla. You will be guided on how to finish the installation process.

  • How does one log in to Joomla?

There are several login options

  • Accessing the Joomla login screen
  • Open the browser
  • Go to https://mydomain.com/administrator
  • You will be directed toa login screen
  • Enter the username and password in the respective entry options

Login via the Official Joomla admin page

  • For those who have created demo accounts
  • Clicking on the red admin button will automatically log in
  • What to do in case the password is forgotten

The user may have forgotten password and the username


  • Log in to the cPanel
  • Go to Joomla Admin tools under the tab named Joomla Tools
  • Identify the site you want to access
  • Click on the Reset password button
  • An extended line will appear allowing the user to select the user name and thus setting the new password
  • Click on the button named change password
  • You can now easily log in with the new password

The types of Joomla hosting plans available

Shared hosting - The website is usually hosted on a shared server. It is an affordable hosting plan especially for those that have little websites. The price range per month is $5-$10. It is very cheap and easy to set up. However, the server performance is not the best, thanks to the many websites being hosted. It is ideal for blogs and midsized companies.

Business class hosting - It is similar to shared hosting only that one gets more benefits from the server. As a matter of fact, it has fewer accounts per server and the quality and functioning of the hardware is improved.

For websites meant to generate business online and offline, this is the best kind of hosting. One of the advantages is that it reliable as compared to basic shared hosting plan.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

In VPS hosting, several users share a single server. However, each user has access to resources allocated to their accounts. This makes customization and optimization easy.

It is a bit pricey compared to business class and shared hosting. The user has control over the resources allocated. Security and high performance is guaranteed.

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