Joomla Hosting In Riyadh

Joomla Hosting In Riyadh​ may sound technical to people who are not familiar with hosting. What exactly is Joomla hosting in Riyadh? What are some of the terms assoc…

Joomla Hosting In Riyadh may sound technical to people who are not familiar with hosting. What exactly is Joomla hosting in Riyadh? What are some of the terms associated with that kind of hosting?

Common Joomla Hosting In Riyadh terms and definitions

Support – This is an important aspect of the hosting package. It basically refers to information that is provided to the client whenever they are faced with technical problems that need resolution. Some of the common types of customer support include:

  • Support ticket
  • Forum
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Live chats

However, there is some static information on troubleshooting and documentation that can assist users.


For those using web hosts, this is a huge concern. Issues such as hacking are very rampant. Some of the security measures taken include server permissions, site backups and encryption. However, it is important to research the techniques used by hosting companies before hiring them.

Control panels

Joomla hosting has three kinds of control panels. The most common ones are:

  • CPanel – This is the best and most widely used panel. It has an interface that is easy to use. In addition, it comes with various applications and features
  • Plesk -This is a control panel used by smaller hosting companies. It has some drawbacks and that makes it less favorable
  • Custom control panel – They can either be great or terrible. As much as it provides unique features, it is user-friendly

The install scripts

Softaculous – It is a one click installer application. It has the benefit of housing many scripts that are used in Joomla installation.

Fantastico – It is a one –click installer application. It has many pre-packaged install scripts for platforms like Joomla and WordPress. It has over 50 choices

The disk space

This is the space assigned to the server for data storage. Joomla will need about 30 MB data space.

Data transfer

It is also known as the bandwidth. It is basically the measurement of the bytes transferred across the Internet. The higher the bandwidth, the better it is for sites that receive a lot of traffic.

Hosting server operating systems

There are two kinds of servers:

  • Linux
  • Windows

For Linux hosting, some specific technical requirements may be needed. Joomla can best runs on Linux/Apache hosting.

Web server software

  • Apache HTTP server – It installs on Linux servers. It supports languages such as PHP and Perl
  • IIS or Microsoft Web Server for Windows – It is ideal for Window servers. It has several products and extensions added to it