Factors That Impact SEO the Most

There is a lot that needs to be done as part of your search engine optimization strategy. However, if you know how to properly take care of the major SEO factors such as …

There is a lot that needs to be done as part of your search engine optimization strategy. However, if you know how to properly take care of the major SEO factors such as backlinks, content, mobile experience, and website loading speed etc. the rest of the stuff streamlines automatically. Since it requires constant working to work on these factors, hiring professional SEO experts is the most recommended step to take. These professional companies make sure to provide you high quality SEO services without any black hat techniques involved. Here are the major ranking factors for SEO and how they work.

  • Content

Content is the most important ranking factor for SEO. It is your content that contains the keywords that help you rank higher in search results. However, you have to be very natural in using these keywords as Google ranks high quality content higher. Producing high quality content means you have to cater for the needs of not only the search engine crawlers but your human readers as well. Writing a lot of content with lots of keywords will not help you rank higher instead it might rank your website lower if the overall content does not offer any information to its readers.

When referring to the content of your website you need to make sure to avoid duplicate content. You must not copy content from other websites as this is considered plagiarism – a crime. As for images you have to use high quality pictures but in the right size so to not make your web pages heavy. You can also use video as content but giving it proper title, description and including a transcription with it is highly recommended.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are the links coming onto your website from other websites. You create these backlinks with the help of content. You can also get backlinks by placing your ads on other websites as part of their content. For example, if you sell sports shoes and there is a website that talks about football, you could get a backlink from them from one of their posts. When it comes to backlinks, you have to focus on quality and ditch the quantity. Quantity is not bad but when your focus is on high quality links, the quantity automatically becomes moderate.

Links that come from shady websites are considered low quality backlinks. Furthermore, if the same anchor text is overwhelmingly used on a website and you have received hundreds of backlinks from that website for that very anchor text, they will be considered low quality backlinks. Get backlinks from highly reputable and high authority websites – they will help you rank higher.

  • Mobile Experience

Mobile experience has become an important part of ranking factors for SEO just a few years ago. Mobile devices have taken over the world and surpassed the number of desktop devices. Google takes this seriously and wants all the websites to be compatible with mobile devices. This is why an algorithm update from Google made sure that only mobile optimized websites appeared when a user performed a search on a mobile device. You have to look into mobile and responsive designs in order to make your website mobile friendly. A dedicated mobile or responsive website designs gives mobile users the optimum experience.

  • User Experience

Overall user experience has become of great importance in the recent years. You want your website to be user friendly and the overall experience to be memorable. First important thing here is to improve your website’s loading speed. The faster your website loads the better the chances are for your website to rank higher. Furthermore, you have to use optimized images and work on the internal linking of your website. Your web pages should be interlinked without broken links and anomalies for search engine crawlers to rank your website higher.