Managed Dedicated Hosting In Jeddah

There are many hosting plans that clients can choose from. However, Managed Dedicated Hosting In Jeddah remains a favorite among many people.

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting In Jeddah? This is a hosting plan whereby a single user is assigned a single server. The user has control and access to all the resources allocated to the server.

What makes Managed Dedicated Hosting In Jeddah a favorite among many?

  • It is reliable
  • It is secure
  • 24/7/365 technical support and customer care
  • Scalability-It can be upgraded/downscaled easily
  • The user has full access and control of the server resources

What are the disadvantages?

  • The user may face some limitations such as not accessing the root/admin dashboard
  • It is costly compared to other hosting plans
  • It requires a special set of skills to run and manage the servers

Factors to consider while choosing a dedicated server host provider

The platform

On what platform is the website or blog running on? What skills do you possess? Windows NT and UNIX are the most popular operating systems. Windows is expensive but is considered user friendly for those who are not familiar with UNIX.

Data transfer

Most of the dedicated server host providers will allow their clients to choose their level of data transfer on a monthly basis. It is important that one chooses a realistic limit.There is no need to pay for a lot of space which will not be used up or paying for little space that will be depleted before the month ends. However, clients can always increase or decrease the gigabytes per month if the need arises.

Data backup services

It is important that the host provide should offer backup services for the clients. Data loss and corruption is a reality. In addition, the data needs to be backed up on a frequent basis. It may be daily, weekly or monthly. This will be done at an additional fee but it is necessary.


The server needs to be constantly monitored to prevent any service interruptions. It is important to ask if the host provider provides such services and at what frequency. Other aspects to consider includewhat measures they take in case a problem is detected.


As previously stated, managing and running a dedicated server requires a great level of technical expertise unlike the other hosting plans. However, with managed dedicated hosting, one does not have to worry about hiring a webmaster or network administrator to run the server for them. It is crucial to determine if the host provider offers automation services before hiring.