Managed Dedicated Hosting In Saudi Arabia

Managed Dedicated Hosting In Saudi Arabia is a type of hosting whereby the client as an entire server to themselves. The user has full access and control to the resources assigned to the server.

Do you really need Managed Dedicated Hosting In Saudi Arabia services?Most people may have an understanding of this kind of hosting plan. However, they may not be sure if they really need it.

Guide to determining if you need Managed Dedicated Hosting In Saudi Arabia

There are a few questions that should be asked:

Do I really need a dedicated server?

If you are considering renting or leasing some server space from the host provider, there are two options. One is the shared hosting. Secondly, we have dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting – A server is shared among several users. It is less costly and requires low levels of technical skills. It are ideal for small business with low traffic websites.

Dedicated hosting – An entire server and network connection is assigned to a single user. They are expensive and require a set of specialized technical skills to run and manage the servers. It is ideal for big-sized businesses that would run into losses in case the server web down. Sites that receive a lot of traffic should consider this type of hosting.

Why choose the dedicated server:

Server response times and site traffic management

Managed dedicated hosting service providers usually have a quick response rate in case of a technical fault. One major disadvantage of shared hosting is that there may be a lot of service interruptions. For instance, if one user receives a lot of traffic, the other users will suffer slow connections.

With managed dedicated hosting, such issues are unheard of.

Flexibility and software

Shared servers have limited access to softwares and the operating system. For those who want to install and customize the applications on the server, get yourself a managed dedicated server.


As the business grows, there may be need to upscale or downscale the server. With shared hosting, this is not possible. However, with the dedicated hosting the user can easily upscale or downscale whenever they please.


Dedicated hosting is more secure that shared hosting. Any information shared across a shared platform may not be that secure. Dedicated servers have a firewall. Sites that deal with sensitive information such as personal information of their clients or sensitive transactions will have increased security as long as they have the managed dedicated hosting plan.