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What Exactly Managed Hosting Is

This question can be a little difficult to answer. Managed hosting can be understood as an extension of dedicated hosting. The required hardware here is owned by the hosting provider which is leased out to a single client or business. The day-to-day management and maintenance of the servers under managed hosting is handled by the provider and not the clients themselves. This term although quite clear in its meaning is still slightly ambiguous. This has led to each service provider out there delivering a marginally different version of the same service. The ambiguity herein lies in the heading of 'managed hosting' which includes different 'levels' of management that are available to the end user.

Aspects of Managed Hosting

Constant Server Monitoring

An ideal managed hosting is what offers regular scanning of the servers in search of any errors or irregularities or potential failures. A timely server monitoring rectifies these problems before service disruption.

Flawless Security

This encompasses scanning for viruses and bugs, spam filtering, firewall configuration, protection against malware and operating system updates. In addition to all this, a plethora of standard physical data centre security measures are assured to preserve data of personal and business nature.

Data Back-up and Storage

The most suitable managed hosting company for your business is the one that offers complete peace of mind against data loss. Repercussions of losing critical data can cost a lot to your business in every sense of the word. With lack of proper data backup and storage facilities you stand to lose your money, time and even customer trust. Managed hosting providers are very well equipped with both the physical and technical capabilities to ensure back-up/storage of critical data.

Server Configuration & Maintenance

Today, many managed hosting companies offer specialist staff that have the expertise to ensure that your servers are up and running smoothly without facing any bumps in the road. The hosting solution is optimally configured to meet all your requirements effectively and handle as much load and traffic as you throw at them.

Support and Assistance

Constant support and troubleshooting are an attractive benefit of managed hosting. Whenever there is an issue with your servers or any network peripheral or hardware or software error that you may encounter; there is this assurance that you will be guided out of the mess in just a phone call or a click. With managed hosting provider companies there is always a qualified and skilled head full of thoughts and ideas that is working to support you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the year.

On the whole there is a lot that totally managed hosting services have to offer for a business. It is up to you to decide what level of management you deem ideal for your company needs.
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