Managed Hosting Services In Jeddah

Managed Hosting Services In Jeddah is a hosting package that many businesses prefer to purchase. In managed hosting, the user has full access and control to an entire server. However, the hosting service provider has the responsibility of managing and monitoring the servers.

With the many companies that offer Managed Hosting Services In Jeddah, it may be difficult for clients to choose a reputable company. According to a review carried out by experts, companies that made the cut as the best had several characteristics.

Managed Hosting Services In Jeddah companies review

The following aspects were considered during the review:

1.Customer care and technical support

A reputable managed hosting service provider should be available 24/7/365 days. The service provider should have live phone support which can be accessed at any time. They can also have an email service or live chat. Companies that were voted as the best met this criteria.

2.Backup and restoration services

Data loss or corruption is a reality. When it happens, it sends people to panic mode. A hosting provider should ensure that they offer data backup and restoration services for their clients. Backup can be done on a daily, weekly, twice a week or monthly basis. Tape backup, internal hard drive and Evalultare some of the backup strategies used.

3.Update and maintenance services

There is need to ensure updates are made frequently on the server, operating system and software applications. Server maintenance is an important aspect that potential clients must consider.

4.Hardware replacement

The length of time taken to replace hardware is very important. Majority of the host providers took between 30-60 minutes.

5.Server control panel

cPanel is the most common option for the server control panel.

6.Network SLA/Uptime

It should be 100 per cent.

Load balancing

Most of the host providers uses Cisco 552O for dedicated and managed hosting

7.Server clustering

It should be available.

8.The number of data centers

The number of data centers owned by a managed hosting provider matter. The geographical locations of the data centre matters too.

9.Customers served

A hosting company should have the ability to meet the needs of different clients. Small businesses and individuals who need hosting services should not feel left out.

Other factors that should be considered include:

The bandwidth and storage space – The hosting provider should provide adequate disk storage space and bandwidth to the clients. The clients should easily upscale or downscale when need arises.

Pricing – Pricing should be affordable. It should be inclusive of backup and any other additional services.