Managed Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia

Managed Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia
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Small and medium sized businesses can greatly benefit from Managed Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia. What factors make Managed Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia ideal for them?

Managed hosting services basically mean that the hosting provider will handle all the server related issues. In managed hosting, the clients rent the server and pay the hosting company for server management.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of hosting:

Unmanaged hosting – The user rents the server and is tasked with the responsibility for servicing and maintenance tasks.

Fully managed hosting – A user rents the server and pays for the maintenance.

Benefits of Managed Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia for small businesses

Technical benefits

1.Server monitoring

This is a critical aspect for any organization. It entails constant scanning of the server for any failures or irregularities. It is the role of the system admins to identify potential failures before they happen. Constant monitoring of servers guarantees network availability and good server uptime.


Server security covers a lot of aspects. It includes:

OS updates

  • Virus scanning
  • Running security audits
  • Spam filtering
  • Virus scanning
  • Software firewall configuration

Hosting providers have tools and the experience to deal with server related issues. It is their duty to constantly scan the system and check out for any security vulnerabilities.

3.Managed storage

The requirement storage may change. New space may be needed. Down scaling is an option too. It requires a specific set of technical skills to get the right balance when it comes to creating storage space. Managed storage may involve outsourcing the storage space needs. It is beneficial to the organization as it helps them cut costs related to administering and buying storage space.

4.Managed database

This kind of service will need the expertise of an experienced database administrator. The database administrator acts as a software and service consultant. Some of the skills needed include MySQL server, Oracle and SQL server.


Data loss or corruption is a costly affair for businesses and individuals. It is therefore necessary to ensure that data is regularly backed up. One benefit of managed hosting service is that one does not have to worry about data loss. This is because the host provider has procedures in place to address such scenarios.

Business benefits

1.Customized to meet your needs

Different companies have different hosting needs. Managed hosting enables clients get hosting solutions as per their specific needs.

2.Reduced operating costs

Business owners are looking for ways to save on costs. Managed hosting saves users from hiring an in –house technician thereby saving on overhead costs.

3.It saves time and money

Having someone run and maintain your server for you will save you time and money.