Common Myths about Graphic Design You Shouldn’t Believe

From creating the perfect logo to choosing the right layout for your website, graphic design plays the role of an unsung hero for your brand. As a business owner, you may…

From creating the perfect logo to choosing the right layout for your website, graphic design plays the role of an unsung hero for your brand. As a business owner, you may have several issues to address in a day but design is surely something you need to pay more attention to. Unfortunately, there several business owners that undermine the importance of professional graphic design. Here are a few misconceptions you should not believe:

Design is Easy. Why Hire a Professional?

The process of design is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Most companies assume that online resources are sufficient to visualize their ideas however, this is not the case. Creating a logo or a layout is similar to writing an opinion piece – you need to do your research first. A professional graphic design agency knows how to communicate ideas through a simple visual image. The importance of design should not be dismissed which is why you should outsource the best services to cater to your company’s needs. You may be able to create mediocre design in-house but don’t expect concrete results if you are not working with a professional.

All you need is Photoshop

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot use software if you don’t have the skill and passion for it.It that were true, then why would professionals spend a fortune in design school to hone their skills? Software is simply a tool and cannot produce fully functional products unless the user has experience, skill and talent. Creating a powerful design requires more than just designing software. Consider working with a reputable agency that offers talent and experience to create just the right design for your company.

Creating a Logo or Website is not a Time-Consuming Process

Let’s be realistic, designing logos and websites is not child’s play and is a time-consuming process. Professional graphic design requires hard work and is a complex process. Projects such as designing a custom logo involves brief research on the subject matter not to mention there is always room for improvement as clients provide valuable feedback. This complex process cannot be completed in a few minutes or an hour. Producing original design requires hard work and skill, which is why you should always turn to a professional in times of need.

Professional Graphic Design is all about Pretty Pictures

When it comes to jump starting your brand, design is more than pretty pictures and aesthetics. Design is a method of communication ideas and concepts and thus requires professionals to have vast knowledge about the psychology of engagement. Professional graphic designers know how to use visual outcomes to stimulate a specific response. Good design requires a great deal of refinement of execution and organization that ultimately leads to mesmerizing aesthetics. Design has more to do than moving shapes and placing random text boxes around a website: it is an ideology that represents your company. Graphic designers carry out extensive research and are proficient in user interaction, producing the best results.

Professional Graphic Design is not Important

Undermining the importance of design can be a big mistake. A well thought of logo and website design allows customers to identify your brand no matter where you are. Customers are likely to remember images and graphics better than other components which why you need to shift your focus on graphic designing. Investing on the visual aspect of your business can boost revenues and help you stand apart from your competitors.

These are just a few misconceptions you should avoid when it comes to design. Consider hiring a professional graphic designer if you want your business to stand out.