Are You Prepared For 2017? Review Your Mobile App Marketing Strategy

January is quite close and if you haven’t yet spent enough time in updating your existing business strategies, do it now! This is definitely going to be the reason for yo…

January is quite close and if you haven’t yet spent enough time in updating your existing business strategies, do it now! This is definitely going to be the reason for your downfall if you don’t heed to the call soon. Your mobile apps should be at the top of your priority list for whatever that is left of the year and for the year to come.

What is your mobile app marketing strategy through social media anyway? Are you aware that soon apps will rival websites and some market experts even say that PCs as we know them would become extinct and handy tablets and smart phones with bigger screens will take their place? Where does your app stand in this scenario? There are certain things that you could do to make your mobile app more popular and successful and make your business practically a household name but for that some major changes need to be done. Read along to find out what the best mobile app marketing strategies could be for your business in 2017.

Mobile Payments

By the year 2017 a major chunk of all digital ecommerce revenue will be generated via mobile and mobile apps. A rather big part of this surge will be the effect of various mobile payment platforms by tech giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung. Although you might argue that many of these mobile payment options are only garnering public attention now, but experts forecast that in coming times such payments will triple and grow phenomenally. Every major name in the tech world is setting their launch pad to bring about a drastic change in our spending habits through the use of mobile wallets. It won’t be wrong to say that such payment options due to their wide availability and safety and convenience factors are likely to become a standard payment option in 2017. Many major apps may even come with a mobile wallet pre-installed in the coming year.

Shopping & Socializing

Mobile buying is possible now through social buy buttons as many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram continue to influence many online purchases. In the past several years they’ve become some of the most extremely popular mobile apps. When it comes to shopping, users are using mobile devices for reading reviews, searching for sales and discounts, comparing prices and even buying online. Buying via a mobile or mobile app shopping is not new but it is not the same experience as it used to be and or when compared to purchasing on a desktop. With the tremendous rise of all things mobile, social media networks are looking to become more than just a means to connect with your loved ones in the future. They are constantly improving e-commerce features on the go. So, this is one force that you’ll have to reckon with and you might end up struggling if you don’t arm yourself with a great and highly scalable business app soon.

Apps to Rule over Websites

While this claim at the moment might not be the kind of thing you want to hear but holds true for the coming year. To some it might even sound like an outrageous claim, though the trends still suggest this could happen. Mobile apps are likely to outpace mobile sites and therefore you need to pull up your socks and target higher and better.

So when it comes to being proactive on your business app you can:

  • Provide regular and informative push notifications
  • Offer efficient cloud integration
  • Facilitate both offline and online access
  • Offer better security to users
  • Provide more personalization for user accounts

Mobile users already spend a majority of their time on apps and with enhanced capabilities this could lead to seamless apps and SEO integration. This could change how the world sees applications and your business in 2017. Are you game?


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