Features You Can’t Afford to Miss On Your Mobile Application

Features You Can’t Afford to Miss On Your Mobile Application
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It won’t be wrong to say that mobile applications have become an indispensable part of any business’ offerings today. You can’t think of having a complete brand identity unless you offer your business partners and customers a professional mobile application. And when it comes to having a mobile app developed, only the most professional and tenured mobile application development companies should be your choice. So, what are those features without which your application might appear non-professional and incomplete?


It does not matter what type of application you are about to create; simplicity is one thing you can’t overlook. You can look around at your best competitors’ applications to notice how they keep their applications simple. This same rule applies to the websites as well. When you keep things simple, it is easy to have the users’ focus on a certain object or objective. By cluttering your application, you are helping your users lose focus. If you look at Google’s revolutionary Material Design, it is all about making applications simple, appealing and consistent. No matter how much time it takes, ask your app developers to make your application simple.


This particular feature is equally valuable for B2B and B2C applications. Some of the most famous applications on Play Store and App Store have reached that point because they made feedback an active part of their application. Many text messaging applications have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times because of how they accept feedback from their customers. When you make a B2B application, you want to send an impression to your partners that they and their opinions matter. The best way to send this impression is by introducing an easy and prominent feedback system. Furthermore, make sure that you find a way to tell them that their feedbacks are being heard and worked on.


Simplicity and user-friendliness of an application are two different concepts. While overlaps can occur while defining both but the difference is quite clear too. An application can be very simple, i.e., easy to use but non-user-friendly at the same time. For example, you could design an application where users are easily able to find the information they want but requesting that information requires them to do dozens of clicks. The overkill of clicks and taps can be annoying for people. You want to do away with clicks and taps as much as possible because after 2 or 3 taps the whole experience can get very annoying.


Consistency has become an important feature for modern applications since the mobile device users have become mature with their use of applications. When smartphones were new, people just wanted applications over applications. Today, they compare applications side by side and then pick the one that seems most appealing to them. Believe it or not, there are applications for them to compare other applications, mobile phones, cars and almost any product in the world. Now, when they move from one application to another, they want consistency. You don’t want to tap the back button on your phone to go back to the previous page in one application and to completely exit the application with the same action on another application. Keep the experience consistent, and your B2B clients will always be happy to use your application.

Wise Updates

Last but not least, keep updating your application periodically but keep your changes as wise and intelligent as possible. Many applications in the past have come from peak to ground only because of useless updates. Update only the aspects of the applications that need to be updated. Don’t change the features that your users love the most. Do not impose change on your users. Do not change the entire face of the application with just one update.

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