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Mysql Hosting In Jordan

What exactly is Mysql Hosting In Jordan? How do Mysql Hosting In Jordan host providers go about that process? Here is a tutorial on how to create and delete MySQL databases.

Creating MySQL database

One of the major importance of creating a database is that it will manage large amount of data on the web very easily. Databases are important when it comes to running various web applications such as management systems, bulletin boards and content management systems among others.

Here is a detailed process on how to create a MySQL database

  • Log into the CPanel
  • Click on the MySQL databases entry. It under the entry labeled databases
  • Once you have clicked on the new database field, type the database name
  • Click the entry labeled "create database"
  • Click the go Back button

The new database created will appear under the current database table.

Deleting a MySQL database

Here is the process for deleting a database

  • Go to the "current databases" entry. It is located under the label databases
  • Find the Actions column
  • Under it, click on the "delete database table" entry
  • Creating or deleting a database user

Mysql Hosting In Jordan has the benefit of allowing multiple users.

Creating a database user

  • Log in to the CPanel
  • Click on MySQL database, under the database entry
  • Click on the entry labeled Jump to MySQL and click on the top right hand corner of the page
  • At this point, enter a username
  • Enter the password

Tips for generating stronger passwords

It is important to generate stronger passwords. That will ensure security of the information contained in the database. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • It should contain at least characters long
  • Avoid using names associated with you such as the name of your pet, real name etc
  • It should not contain a complete word
  • It should not contain characters, numbers, uppercase and lower case
  • Retype the password
  • Click on the create user entry

Deleting a database

  • Go to the current user section under the MySQL
  • Find the delete column, Click X to the user you want to delete

Assigning and deleting user privileges

Users can be assigned certain privileges on the database. The aim of the privileges is to determine the interactions that a user can conduct.

Assigning privileges

  • Log into the CPanel
  • Click on MySQL databases
  • Go to Add User and select the drop down menu
  • Select the databases your wish to allow the users to access
  • Click Add
  • Click MySQL –Accounts maintenance-Select privileges

Un-assigning privileges

  • Go to current database
  • Locate database to modifies
  • In the user column, delete them
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