Social Media Tactics That Don’t Work Anymore

Whether you are working on your social media marketing yourself or have hired professional social media marketers for the job, there are certain tactics that are a no-no …

Whether you are working on your social media marketing yourself or have hired professional social media marketers for the job, there are certain tactics that are a no-no today. They were or might have been pretty successful when the concept of social media marketing was fresh but they are only a burden to your modern marketing efforts. If you are still engaged in applying those tactics, you are not only wasting your time but investments as well. Here are some of the social media marketing tactics that have completely gone out of trend and need to be stopped as soon as possible.

  • Direct Selling

Direct selling was never a successful tactic on social media since the beginning. However, whatever little value it must have offered in the past is gone completely today. Businesses all around the world have learned how to use social media. They offer something entertaining, engaging and appealing to their audience. By offering such content over and over, they win the hearts of their potential customers and create a loyal customer base. After building such strong relation of trust they create new ways of selling using sales funneling. They still do not sell directly because the response is cold. So, if you are selling directly to your social media followers and seeing no response, this might just be the problem.

  • Direct Linking to Partners

A lot of marketing on the internet is done as affiliate marketing. You partner with a company and promote their products through your blog or social networking account. However, companies have shared links to these partners in the past and given them a good volume of traffic without getting any of that traffic back. This is because people who click on your given link have no direct way to come back to your site. The best way to deal with this problem is by using some social media tools. These tools will include a small snippet or widget of your website on your partner’s website. This allows visitors to come back to your site after they have visited your partner’s website.

  • Stuffing All Social Sharing Buttons

When you share a post with your followers and readers, you want them to share it with their social networking followers as well. What you do for that is put social sharing buttons under your post. In the past, you would put any social sharing button you could under the post in an attempt to not miss an opportunity of the post being shared. However, in the recent times, this strategy has proved to fail. All you want to do is introduce not more than 3 social sharing buttons under your posts. The most preferred 3 buttons should be Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but you can introduce a different combination if your followers are concentrated on a different social networking platform.

  • Sharing When You Can

In the past you would share on social media when you could, but this strategy does not work today. The beauty of internet marketing is data. You have data available for almost everything that can help you with your marketing efforts. With social media marketing, you have several tools that can tell you when your target audience is online. By collecting this data you can find out the peak times and low times for your target audience’s social media engagement. After figuring this out you would want to share your posts at times when they are most likely to be viewed and engaged with by your target audience. The best way to do it is through post scheduling software.