Organic Search Engine Optimization In Jordan


As a way of ensuring that you measure SEO as closely as possible, it is important for you to define the goals of your clients. This will enable you to make a correct judgment based on gauging SEO. That way, you are likely to benefit from the SEO services by making correct evaluation of the SEO service providers. In the subsequent paragraphs, we shall have a look at the steps used in Organic Search Engine Optimization In Jordan.

Step 1: Analysis of organic traffic valuation

First off it is important for you to note that the analysis of the valuation of organic traffic is based on multiplication of the values of paid search cost- per-click with the actual traffic of organic search. This will enable you to successfully calculate the value of media spend traffic in case it was to be paid for.

Step 2: Compute the SEO revenue value

This steps tends to take things an extra step ahead especially for the e-commerce sites. This is simply achieved by carrying out the conversion rate as well as the value of average order so as to compute the traffic value with regard to the speculated income to be generated.

Step 3: Calculate the gap analysis of the competitor

In order to be able to successfully evaluate your difference in performance with your competitor, it is important for you to ensure you have the correct data. The success of majority of service providers of Organic Search Engine Optimization In Jordan is based on this. By achieving this, they can easily come up with the strategies to outsmart their contestants. Analysis of this gap can be achieved through use of a set of keywords by help of certain tools such as Search Metrics, Hitwise to carry out a keyword research. These can be used to make a comparison of the current rankings. By so doing, it is easy to spot the keywords that are creating massive traffic to your competitors.

Step 4: Market analysis

After evaluating your competitor’s performance with reference to yours, next should be a market research. Begin to have a closer look at the potential market shares around. This will enable you to estimate the traffic that your competitors are getting from market. That way, it is easier for you to lay down workable strategies to win some of the traffic from the market.


The above strategies have proven to work effectively for many SEO service providers of Organic Search Engine Optimization In Jordan. Therefore, you can certainly count on them.