Personalize & Brand With A Professional Video Animation Company

If you want to brand yourself effectively, you should consider utilizing the services of a professional video animation company.

Animation is a beloved form of communication. Since the earliest animation – going as far back as the early 1910s – the world has been fascinated with the idea of environments created out of thin air. They began as drawings that were photographed one at a time and transferred to film. It began so popular so fast, within a few years, animators developed celluloid. This allowed complex development, but easier management, of animation. Creators would use layers of drawings to create worlds, each of which could act independently and save time. Foregrounds could contain primary action, such as characters. Backgrounds could now be on a separate layer. They no longer needed to repeatedly redraw static objects. This was a fantastic advancement because now artists could design sophisticated movement without concern of how it affected backgrounds.

With the incredible advancements in animation, what used to take dozens – sometimes hundreds – of participants can now be performed by a single individual on a well built computer. Of course, a company like Pixar is still using thousands of artists on as many computers to produce one of their animated masterpieces. Yet, aspiring animators have plenty of resources available to them that only require talent to produce impressive results.

These developments have drastically altered the world of animation, but it has not changed how we feel about it. Disney’s most recent entry, Frozen, has become the first animated feature to cross the billion dollar mark. Shows like South Park and Archer continue to keep adult audiences entertained. And basic cable networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network prove children of all ages still have a place in their hearts for everything from classics like Bugs Bunny and the Flintstones to newcomers like Spongebob Squarepants and the Fairly Oddparents.

With the Internet, the possibilities of animation have only broadened. As any marketer will attest, never has there been a greater outlet for promotion or branding. Through the Internet and animation, everyone has the opportunity to distribute a message with unique characters in an original and colorful world that will be associated solely with your brand. It’s a great way to make an announcement, promote an event and advertise your products and services. And with a professional production team that specializes in animation on your side, you have the chance to design and execute an entire campaign. It’s a proven strategy.

Animation has been a phenomenal avenue for branding from Cap’n Crunch to Mr. Clean. Working with a professional video animation company, you are assuring a level of quality for unparalleled creation of an entire world that puts you, your business and your message front and center.