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PHP Web Hosting In Jeddah

People who run online business, websites and blogs understand the importance of PHP Web Hosting In Jeddah. For any business to remain afloat in the Internet sphere, hosting is very important. Most importantly, it is recommended that one seeks the services of a reputable host provider.

What traits should a reputable PHP Web Hosting In Jeddah host provider possess? Some of the characteristics are obvious. The article will discuss in details what clients should consider while choosing a host provider.

Characteristics of a reputable PHP Web Hosting In Jeddah service provider

Amount of storage space

While choosing a host provider, one of the obvious and primary factors that must be considered is the amount of storage space they offer. Small and medium sized sites may not require a lot of space as compared to corporate sites.

Some hosts offer "unlimited storage". However, that is not the case. They allow up to a certain limit. It is recommended that one reads the terms and conditions carefully before signing up. Take time to understand the limits being offered.

Amount of bandwidth

Storage and bandwidth go hand in hand. Bandwidth is the amount of data allocated to a site for uploads and downloads in a given period. Any extra downloaded or uploaded, beyond the limits given, will attract an extra penalty. For those who run busy sites, the bandwidth allocated should be sufficient. For hosts who offer unlimited bandwidth, carefully determine the limits they offer.

Domains and sub domains

Probably, you are running a single site. Chances are you will grow and expand in the future. It is important to get a host who allows multiple domain hosting, in case of any expansions. However, there are limits that the host provider gives to the clients. Ensure that you are too restricted. The same is true for sub domains.

Email accounts and features

The hosting provider may be offering emails accounts for the domains. It is important to consider how many email accounts they allow for setup and their selection criteria. Questions to be asked:

  • Is a web mail interface available?
  • What options can clients choose from?
  • Are the emails integrated with apps?
  • Can clients get emails of their choice via IMAP or is it only POP?

Database support

Currently, even small websites have a back end database. As a client, one should get a database that they are comfortable with. The most commonly used back end data bases are MySQL and Oracle servers.

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