How Much Colors Matter For Branding

Colors have always been associated with human psychology. How they impact human psychology is not confined to one culture but this impact is known in several regions and …

Colors have always been associated with human psychology. How they impact human psychology is not confined to one culture but this impact is known in several regions and religions of the world. Use of black color for mourning is quite a common example of how people perceive colors. This knowledge about colors can be used in branding to make customers respond in a certain way. It could sound a bit over the top to you but you will be surprised to know that the biggest brands of the world like Nike, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks etc. do just that with their logos and other branding elements.

Which Colors To Pick For Your Brand

The color you pick for your brand depends first on the industry your business belongs to. You then have to understand the theory of colors and how people in certain regions perceive certain colors. Of course, you have to put more thought into the process if you are an international business with international audience. When it comes to foods and beverages, red color is the most commonly used color. Food items are often put in reds or with red backgrounds to attract people’s attention. There should be no surprise that the most renowned beverage brand in the world is coke, which happens to have a red logo.

Red color has always been known as a color with powers of arousing. By arousing it means that red color makes people feel passionate. It makes people get ready to take risks and they feel filled with energy. This is why food businesses prefer to have these colors in their logos too. Yellow color is also associated with energy and optimism. This color is also a depiction of youthfulness. Companies like Sprint, IMDb, Shell and Best Buy are the best examples of the use of yellow color in branding. Blue is an amazing color and as most people already know, this color depicts coolness and calmness.

Blue color is also associated with increased productivity, and this is the reason you will find it in abundance in offices and workplaces. Corporate businesses use this color the most, and it also happens to be the favorite color of most men in the world. You could say that blue is also associated with some of the biggest brands of the world such as Facebook, Dell, Ford, Wal-Mart, Oreo, Pepsi, Twitter, Skype, Microsoft etc. This should be a great indication for you as to when you should use blue color as part of your branding process.

Green is another color that exudes coolness and calmness. You could say green is also one of the colors used by some of the biggest brands in the world. Most commonly known brand logos with green color in them are XBOX, Animal Planet, and Holiday Inn etc. You would want to research the color that you have chosen for your brand and choose it wisely.

Get Professional Help

It is extremely important that you seek professional help from a graphic design company to choose the colors for your brand. Why you would want graphic design firm to assist you with the ideal color for your brand is because they can use their knowledge to take the idea further. For example, they can tell you which colors are in around the world these days. They can also help you with data on what type of logos go best with which colors. It does not matter how many retakes it takes to come up with your logo, you should keep as far away from a hasty decision as possible when it’s the matter of your brand logo.