Video Animation Company Characteristics

A professional video animation company has many facets and it can come in multiple forms. There are the huge companies that already exist and already have more capital and clients than they know what to do with. But on the other end of the scale are the professional video animation companies that consist of one person with a website and a LLC. There are staggering differences when it comes to income, staffing requirements, and personal freedom, but both options have their good points.

The positive aspects of working with a large company are clear-cut and immediate. You’ll get a paycheck, you’ll get some benefits, more detailed practice with video animation, and job security. But you’ll also have a boss, coworkers and a company that might just see you as another cog. Running your own personal video animation company is a bit riskier, but the rewards in the long run are priceless. You’ll have to do all the work yourself, but once you hone your skills and build a client base, you’ll be the one in charge. It’ll give you the freedom of choice. You’ll decide how to run your company. You’ll decide if you want to hire help. And you’ll decide if the business survives or fails. One option is to start with one of the larger companies to build a knowledge base of the industry. Then, once you have a thicker portfolio, you’ll have the tools to start your own video animation company.

Once you have your own company you’ll have to decide what type of video animation to specialize in. You’ll be able to work with animated logos, graphics for television commercials, animated series, short films, etc. You might want to keep the options wide open and work on a bit of everything all at once. But it might be best, when starting out, to build a client base around a specialty. Then you’ll be able to branch out from there.

With the inevitable progress of video animation quality, it will soon be indistinguishable from life. As we progress, we inevitably discard the old techniques. Video animation has already eclipsed the hand drawn process almost completely. It’s true that there will always be a place for hand drawn works, but the speed, quality, and efficiency of computers easily makes professional video animation the likely future for the entire industry.