Professional Website Design Engages Visitors Better

One of the biggest challenges for new websites is to keep visitors engaged for long. With non-professional website designs, business owners have to bear a huge impact on …

One of the biggest challenges for new websites is to keep visitors engaged for long. With non-professional website designs, business owners have to bear a huge impact on their website traffic. For a bunch of reasons, visitors open the website and bounce off within seconds giving your competitor the chance to convert. You can only avoid this will professionally done website design. So what are those horrible errors with non-professional websites that drive visitors away from the website so fast? Here are some:

No Mobile Friendliness

Only the most professional website designers understand and know how to make a website mobile friendly. With non-professional website design, you often get a very basic website. It works on some devices but mobile friendliness is not something it has been designed for. A professional website design takes into account mobile devices and uses the latest technology to create a website for them. A responsive website design is a great way to address the various screen sizes on mobile devices. Professional designers can even make a mobile website from the scratch.

Unneeded Creativity

In an attempt to be creative, non-professional website designers will make your website more complex than rocket science. Keep in mind that creativity is only as good as it is useful. Simple yet creative ideas work like charms. Take the example of how a URL changes color to purple from blue once you have clicked on it. Do you see how simple yet effective this creativity is? Playing around with this option or doing something new with it is more like fixing what’s not broken. In short, non-professional websites can often make simple things difficult by being unnecessarily creative.

Music in the Back

Yes, you have been on websites where some weird music starts to play in the background as soon as you open the website. There is no doubt that there are certain websites that can make use of this feature but on most occasions, it’s a no-no. First, your background music can suddenly surprise or shock people in their ears. Secondly, people have very strict music choices and it is less likely that they would prefer to listen to your type of music.

Bad Navigation

You need to simply navigation as much as possible for your visitors. The main reason visitors come on your website is to find a product or information. The path to that particular product, service or information should be very easy no matter how many layers it is under. Furthermore, a visitor must always know how to go back on the home page of your website. Don’t make it hard for your visitors to find information on your website. This is a negative impact on user experience. Let professionals do the work and they will make your visitors happy.

Using Flash Animation

There was a time when flash animation was considered quite a “thing” on websites. However, it was soon realized that these animations played no role at all on the SEO side. Modern website designing goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. Whatever you put on your website should, in some way, contribute to your website’s SEO as well.

No Easily Accessible Contact Info

The more easily your contact information is available, the more people are compelled to contact you. This is why website designers choose such locations for contact details that the phone numbers are visible to visitors no matter which page of the website they are on. This is pretty is to pull and if your website designers cannot figure out a way to put your contact details at customers’ fingertips, they have to be replaced by professional websites designers as soon as possible.