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Reliable Web Hosting In Saudi Arabia

What are the benefits of reliable web hosting in Saudi Arabia? One of the most important that most people overlook while managing websites is seeking reliable web hosting in Saudi Arabia. One of the benefits of web hosting is that it improves the SEO ranking. The sales increase too.

For those dealing with WordPress, there are various hosting plans available. Some of the options available include managed WordPress, free, shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.

How to choose the reliable web hosting in Saudi Arabia for WordPress

WordPress hosting requirements

Most people do not know that WordPress is lightweight. In addition, it is compatible with most of the reputable hosting companies. For WordPress hosting, you will need:

  • MySql version 5.0 or greater
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater

WordPress is very popular. It is for that reason that web hosts have come up with an easy 1- click install option. There are tutorials to that effect

Factors to consider when choosing a WordPress web hosting provider

Evaluating the hosting needs

Based on the various hosting plans available, clients can choose the plan that suits them.
Free hosting

This option is readily available but there is usually a catch. In most instances, they are managed by individuals who act as resellers. Having a banner ad of the reseller on your site is a common occurrence.

Shared hosting-It is ideal for beginners. It is affordable. In shared hosting, several users share a single server. Most web hosts claim to offer unlimited services. The truth of the matter is that there are restrictions. For instance, if one user exceeds the set limit, they may be forced to upgrade. It is an ideal hosting plan for starting bloggers and small businesses.

WordPress VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server or the virtual machine is a technique whereby a physical server is partitioned into multiple servers. The partitions will be made according to the needs of the clients.

As much as there is some sharing involved, it gives the user some level of control. VPS is the in-between of shared and dedicated hosting. It has the privacy of separate physical computer. It is an ideal hosting plan for medium sized businesses and high traffic blogs.

WordPress dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting, each user has their individual physical server. The user has full control over the resources allocated to the server. However, it is costly and may require the user to employ a system administrator. It is ideal for extremely high traffic blogs.

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