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What roles do SEO In Riyadh firms play. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a strategy used by businesses to increase traffic to their sites with the help of search engines such as Google. This is a strategy that has worked very efficiently.

What would does an SEO company do exactly? According to SEO In Riyadh the basic functions would be create online visibility for businesses.

Functions of an SEO company

Basically, the roles of SEO Company can be summarized into three major points:

Content creation

Building high quality links

Analyzing results and making adjustments

Giving someone the above answers may not fully satisfy their curiosity. This answer is ideal for casual conversations and not while dealing with potential SEO clients. What are the professional roles of SEO firms? The article will discuss those roles in details.

1.Initial research

SEO In Riyadh firms deal with research, audit and analysis as the first step. Different clients have different needs as so do the industries. A good SEO firm should not give the same template to different businesses. This is because companies are dealing with many contrasting variables. What may work for one company may miserably fail when implemented in another.

Tips used

Keyword research: This entails identifying and researching on key words that is the relevant to the business. Once anyone searches the selected keyword, the name of company or the products being sold will show up.

Google Analytics analysis: Do you want to review the past performance of the organization? This tool is great in revealing the positive and negative trends/opportunities that may need improvement.

Google Webmaster tools analysis: It brings to light issues and opportunities that could affect the future of the business.

Site audit: After the research and analysis is over, most SEO firms will provide an auditon the website of the client. Factors that will be considered during auditing include the url structure and webpage load speed.

2.Initial optimization

This will happen after all the research, auditing and analysis have been done. It is now time to proceed with other SEO activities.

Some one-time initial optimization activities include:

  • Website redesign
  • Code overhaul
  • Content creation and marketing: They are involved in content creation for marketing and engagement purposes. Content creation may involve writing articles, blogs posts, videos and info graphics to attract attention to your page. The firms can do that or train others.
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