10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Which B2B Business Makes

10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Which B2B Business Makes
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​According to a study, more than 80% of search users don’t go beyond the first page of a search engine. Do you now understand how important an effective SEO strategy is for your B2B business? If you want to stand out and appear on the first page of search engine, you need to implement correct SEO B2B strategies. Now those strategies don’t just involve putting the right keywords, as an upcoming trend Google will analyze the time and value of information a user gets from the website. They will then put those web pages on the first page. This means that you need to avoid following common SEO mistakes as a B2B business owner.

1. Bombardment of Key Words

Use of keywords is an important SEO B2B strategy, but using them in excess is not good. If you use too much or your keywords are repeating in every sentence, the value of your content will decrease. Remember that it’s not about keywords, sure they are important, but you need to understand the importance of good content. You should use keywords in such a way that they look natural and not forced. The effective use of keywords and good content will surely increase your rank on the search engine.

2. 404 Page not found

This error is the most annoying error there is online, and users who see it will never even attempt to refresh the page or consider back to the website ever again. If you have pages where there are broken links, chances are that the search engine will mark your pages with a bad reputation and your ranking will be hurt. Always make sure that whatever link you are putting on your B2B business page is up to date and not broken.

3. Don’t be a Copy Cat

Don’t ever copy stuff from the internet. Besides from being illegal, it puts a really bad impression on your page. The site where you copy stuff from can easily sue you and you can then forget about being on search engine ever. Search engines are smarter than we think they are, they know about the websites that copy content from other websites, and they kick those websites out of their domain because they have a reputation too, do you really think they like users to see repeated content.

4. Be Fresh and Updated

Search engines are smart; they want their search users to see the most up to date content. If updating and keeping the content fresh is not in your SEO B2B strategy then you will go nowhere but down. Make sure that your content is updated at least on a weekly basis if not daily. Search engines analyze pages that have older content in them and they lower their ranking so that pages, which fresh content can appear first on their page.

5. Lookout for Title Tags

Most of the SEO B2B businesses think that having same title tags will make them appear more on search engines. They are wrong in so many ways because SEC (search engine crawlers) is not able to correctly index their pages. Always avoid this mistake and try to have unique title tags as much as possible. By having them you show the users that your content is fresh and relevant to their search.

6. Is There Any Point In Analytics?

Most of the B2B businesses follow all the SEO practices, they try to avoid all the mistakes as much as possible but they still fail, why? Because they don’t use analytics to determine which pages are gathering more traffic and which pages need the most improvement. This is extremely crucial SEO strategy because if you don’t know where your SEO B2B business is going and what future strategies you are going to implement, you are bound to fail.

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