4 Most Common SEO Myths That Can Derail Your Campaign

​Even in this age, SEO is doubted by many individuals. Aspiring business owners often question its ability and some traditionalists completely reject it. This is mainly because with SEO, there have always been several myths involved. Unfortunately, most businesses believe too much in these myths, thus avoiding SEO at all, which in turn causes a great deal of damage to their website and campaign. Following are 4 most common myths about SEO, which a business needs to be aware of when running its marketing campaigns.

1. Its Fake
The is probably the biggest myth of SEO ever, its originates from businesses that may have tried SEO in the past and expected instant results. When the results they were looking for did not come instantly, they spread the myth that SEO is a scam and it does not work. What everyone needs to know that like many things, SEO is a slow building process, it takes time for it to show its true potential. Then comes the bad SEO companies that have defamed SEO tremendously. Most of the business become a victim of these fake companies that try to use black hat techniques, manipulate Google’s algorithm, which is what leads them to getting completely banned by the search engine. After being banned, those businesses cry victime and spread nonsesnical things about SEO being nothing but a scam. As mentioned before SEO takes time to develop. You need to put good quality of content in your campaign, only that way your website can be visible on the first page of search engine. There are several companies that have successfully build their reputation on search engine pages by means of natural organic search methods.
2. It’s Not About User Experience
Have you ever imagined why millions of people rely on Google search? The simple answer is that they get what they look for. Much like many myths the biggest myth of a SEO campaign is that search engines do not care about user experience. Google did not become popular just by providing relevant search results, they care that a user gets what they are looking for and its most relevant to their search. It is one of the biggest ranking factors for Google. Businesses often don’t have good content on their websites and then complain that they are never shown on the first page of search engine, instead, they need to abolish this myth and start making their content better and relevant so that people may find it interesting and useful.
3. It Does Not Require to be Maintained
After getting successful results for their campaigns most of businesses stop investing on SEO; another myth that needs serious debugging. SEO is a long and ongoing process, you need to maintain your SEO campaign by continuously refreshing it because your content becomes old eventually, search engine algorithms change and your referral links become outdated. With time all the hard work you did on your previous SEO will wear down, it doesn’t mean that if you have done so well in the past you can do in the future again without putting any effort.
4. Titles Should Have All The Keywords
Most the businesses use too many keywords in their SEO campaigns, they get penalized by Google for keyword stuffing, in turn, they start blaming SEO for it. Putting a crazy number of keywords in your title reduces quality, search engines often rank pages by checking how relevant the topic is to the keywords mentioned in the title. More importantly, if your titles are stuffed with keyboards, search crawlers don’t index them correctly, which results in your SEO campaign to never appear on the first search pages of Google.