SEO Ranking In Jeddah


Off-page factors are basically factors that are outside your site yet are still used to determine your site’s rank. On the other hand domain factors are basically factors that are within a given area of influence. In this article we shall look at each of them at a time as applied in SEO Ranking In Jeddah.

Off-page factors

Here are some of the off-page factors that determine the position your site takes on Google’s page on SEO Ranking In Jeddah:

  • The number of linking domains
    Among the most instrumental factors when it comes to the matter of ranking is the number of linking domains. More often than not, it is a requirement that you only link your site to a relevant domain. At the same time, it is not in order if you have so many linked domains. Simply have just those that are directly relevant in order to avoid future regrets when lowly ranked by Google’s search engine.
  • The number of ranking pages
    There could be several links that lead from a certain domain directly to your site. Consequently, the number of links that your site shows determines the rank that your site will take on Google’s page. However, it is said to always be an added advantage when your site has several linked domains unlike when it only has one.
  • Links from home page
    Just like in home page, it is also believed by a good number of SEO’s that those links that have been sited on the homepage carry a lot more weight than all others.
  • Relevancy of links
    When you have well related links at the homepage of your site, you are always on the safe side. This is because; it has been found that most of the related links tend to have a lot more relevance even than the content in the home page itself.
  • Diversity of the types of links
    The various kinds of links that you choose to link with your site really count. It is always advisable that you incorporate several diverse links instead of stuffing all similar links in one site. In cases where you have so many identical type links, these are termed as spam and are likely to discredit your SEO Ranking In Jeddah.
  • Domain factors
    Finally, it is possible for domain factors to affect your ranking. Since several signals of domain may not be strong as they tend to be, there are several factors to consider:
  • Domain registration/ length
    For your site to be rendered trustworthy, you must have been registered for at least a year.
  • Domain history
    In case you are not the first person to register with your domain and your precursor had committed some mistakes that caused banning, you may not be ranked.