SEO Ranking In Saudi Arabia

SEO Ranking In Saudi Arabia
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There are several factors that determine SEO Ranking In Saudi Arabia starting from on-page factors, site factors, off-page factors as well as domain factors. Although some are must haves for any website that is to acquire a relevant position on Google, others are optional and a site can do without them. It is these that determine the position that your site takes on the Google page. It goes without saying that the higher you are ranked the better. In this article, we shall look at the on-page optimization factors that everyone (including novice site developers) must consider:

Keyword in the title meta-tag

The title is among the most relevant part that any web crawler or search engine has to always consider. This is because, just by reading the title alone, it should be able to vividly and clearly describe what a certain page content entails. In fact, this is what the search engines use when looking for search results of the main title. Essentially, typing the title meta tag in the search box should lead to exactly the page with the entire content. It is a requirement for the title to always be positioned at the very beginning of the title meta tag.

Meta description

This is part of the beginning of page content that is ideally a description for keywords. It is supposed to be not more than 155 characters if it is to retain its relevance. It should briefly give a description of what the content entails in one or two sentences. Additionally, it must have the relevant keyword for a start. That way, the reader can easily tell if their expectations will be met by reading the subsequent paragraphs of the page content. For that reason, it is an important on-page factor of SEO Ranking In Saudi Arabia.

Certain keyword density

Aside from the matter of keywords in the meta description, there are certain Google demands of keyword in the page body, content. It is not allowed for you to stuff your body page with too many keywords as it becomes monotonous. In order to retain the relevance of a keyword, it should not appear for more than three times in the page content.

Having duplicate page content

One of the things that can really discredit your SEO Ranking In Saudi Arabia is having similar content on more than one page of your content. Each page is supposed to contain its own original content so as to make it useful for any user. Failure to observe this may cost you dearly when it comes to ranking on Google’s page.