Some Serious SEO Red Flags You Are Unaware Of

​With a constant improvement and evolution in online and information technology, a majority of small and big businesses carry out their marketing campaigns online. The company’s marketing department develop strategies to gain more traffic on their website to achieve their goals. As the businesses grow, managing SEO for every product becomes a daunting task, companies then hire the services of SEO organizations to manage and optimize their websites.

On paper, it may seem that your company’s task has become easy after hiring SEO services, but you there are certain very dangerous elements within SEO that can completely derail your marketing efforts, which is why you must know what all those red flags are how you can steer clear of them to ensure your SEO campaign is not jeopardized. You should always thoroughly assess who you are outsourcing your SEO campaign to. In light of this, mentioned below are some very important factors to consider:
1. Watch out for SEO firms who claim 100% success rate
Nothing in this world is perfect, how can the SEO firms claim of 100% success rate is possible? When you have decided to take help from SEO firms make sure that they don’t use sentences like “we can guarantee you 100% results” or “we will make your page no.1 within few days”. This is not possible at all, success can’t be guaranteed at all, especially when other companies are using several other strategies to make their website appear on the first page of Google. If such claim is made by the SEO firms, you can simply deny their offer or ask questions about how they are going to achieve this. Ask them to make you aware of their strategies and practices in order to guarantee successful results they claim of.
2. Strategies should be well explained and cleared
Professional and honest SEO firms discuss their strategies and methods before putting themselves on a contract with your company. They let you know about the improvements they are going to make for your websites and about the type of content they offer, which will spark interest in your visitors. A reputable SEO firm always provides you with the updates and lets you know about their current and future strategies to help in making your website number rank at the top of the search page. If you feel that the SEO firm you are going to work with is reluctant in discussing their strategies with you, don’t work with them at all because there is absolutely no point in keeping you in dark, unless they are planning to implement black hat techniques, which are forbidden on Google.
3. Content is not good
Not all the content is good and healthy for your website. SEO firms often go way over the board with content without realizing how much it is affecting your company’s image. Good SEO firms should have writers that are creative enough to come up with fresh and easy-to-understand content.
4. No man can serve two masters
SEO firms mostly have all-in-one packages for every company they work with. This package may work for other companies, but it is not necessary that it will work with your business too. Each and every company is different, their needs are different, their goals and objectives are distinctive, good SEO companies should consider this fact and tailor services and packages according to your business. They should take time to understand your objectives, vision and what type of results do you want from them. If an SEO firm doesn’t take any interest in understanding your business and force their package on you, consider this a major red flag.