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Shared Web Hosting In Jeddah

Shared Web Hosting In Jeddah basically means that several users share a single server. As a matter of fact, on the shared hosting platform each user has been allocated specific resources such as FTP, email accounts and databases on that they are sharing one physical server with users.

Performance resources allocated to the physical server will be shared by all the users. This entails the CPU and RAM. Shared Web Hosting In Jeddah is the most common and popular hosting plan as it is economical.

Shared hosting alternatives

Besides shared hosting, we have other hosting packages. They include

VPS hosting

Dedicated and semi-dedicated hosting

Advantages and disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting In Jeddah


It is cheap

Web hosts offering this kind of hosting plan usually offer affordable monthly prices for their clients. It is the cheapest and most basic web hosting plan. It is ideal for small websites.

No worry about server problems

In case of any server problems, it is the role of the web host to rectify them. Knowledge on server maintenance is not needed by the client. The webmasters allow the clients to access the cPanel where they can check mail accounts and upload files among other activities. In addition, they can easily install scripts and applications to the website.

It is ideal for small websites

For those who are starting out on new websites and blogs, shared hosting is the best. This is because it is affordable. One may be working on a tight budget. Secondly, a new website does not require a lot of resources. The resources allocated per user will be sufficient. However, as the site grows, one may choose VPS or dedicated hosting plan.


Restricted specialty services

The major disadvantage with shared hosting is that a few activities and features may be restricted. For instance, one may not add new programs to the system.

Limited resources

In the shared hosting platform, each user is assigned specific resources. However, some resources such as the CPU and RAM are shared by all the users. Any user who exceeds the set limit will affect the operations of the server. That in turn will slow the functioning of the servers for all users.

If a single website uses too much resource, it will affect other web pages. To avoid facing such challenges, it is recommended that one signs up with a reliable host provider.

What next

As the website grows, one can change the hosting plan to VPS or dedicated based on the growth margin.

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