Importance Of Combining SEO With Website Design

Things were counterintuitive when the concept of search engine optimization had just arrived. People would stuff their websites with industry-specific keywords and claim …

Things were counterintuitive when the concept of search engine optimization had just arrived. People would stuff their websites with industry-specific keywords and claim top positions in search engine results. Things have changed completely in the past decade and the new idea of combining SEO with website design has arrived. Today, your website’s design should become a receptacle to SEO. When you combine these two great internet marketing aspects, your website sees great boost in its authority and reputation.

Why Combine SEO and Website Design

If you research online, you will find out that more and more companies, which offer SEO as well as website design, are emerging. This is because they have realized the importance of infusing both the ideas in one place. You can still treat your website’s design and search engine optimization as two separate entities. However, the benefits that other companies are reaping by combining the two amazing concepts are admirable. However, only a professional and established website design firm can provide you both these services while maintaining highest standards and quality.

The first thing that you need to understand about combining the two concepts is that it allows your website to be optimized from first step. Every aspect of your website design is developed while keeping SEO in mind. Layering SEO over a design that wasn’t created to mingle with SEO is only as good as gold plated silver. When you are designing your web pages, you will create search engine friendly titles for those pages right from day one. Furthermore, you want to create pages in such a way that it is easy to interlink them. Keep in mind that neatly interlinked pages on a website are easy for search engine crawlers to index.

If you are paying attention to SEO right from when your website design starts to come into being, you will not accept low quality code too. Yes, codes can be of low quality as well. There are many situations when web designers have to find a long route to do something complex just because they don’t know the exact short route. With SEO in mind, you will not take those long routes and instead write neat and clean codes. These codes are executed fast by browsers and so your website opens much faster compared to how fast it will open with a rough and untrimmed code. Slow opening web pages are a disaster for your SEO strategy on any given day.

One of the biggest concerns with any modern website design is that it has to be mobile friendly. A website that was started from scratch as a mobile website, and which incorporates local SEO keywords in its content is like a powerful internet marketing machine for you. Your website design company should encourage you to have a mobile friendly website. Mobile friendly websites are now ranked higher when searches are performed by mobile users. Furthermore, mobile users are known for giving a boost to local SEO as they are constantly searching for local businesses and end up being at the searched business location within a day or two.


From the information given above, you would have realized the importance of treating website design and SEO as unified internet marketing method. From creating neat codes for faster page load times to capitalizing on the rising local SEO market, modern internet marketing methods have gone way ahead of how marketing was done just a few years ago. Just make sure that the web design company you are about to choose has ample knowledge of not only web design but SEO as well.