How Important Is Using Keywords In Social Media Marketing

How Important Is Using Keywords In Social Media Marketing
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You naturally think of keywords as soon as you hear about search engine optimization. However, when you upload videos or pictures on various social networking platforms, …

You naturally think of keywords as soon as you hear about search engine optimization. However, when you upload videos or pictures on various social networking platforms, you are asked to put keywords with them, which should make you think as to why you are being asked to put keywords with a video or image. Your blog posts also have keywords associated with them. Social media marketing professionals believe you should use keywords actively in the content you share on social media.Opinions can be different to different people when it comes to using keywords in social media marketing content.

One way to go about this issue is to see the consequences of using keywords in your social content. Is there any punishment from Google or some other search engine if you use keywords in your social posts? Of course, there are no such punishments, which is enough logic to use keywords in the content you share on social media. Not to mention the many other benefits that come with this practice. You understand that the content you share on social networking sites gets read by thousands and millions of people. Many of these people are content creators i.e. bloggers and reviewers. When they share your content, they create a backlink to your website.

The content shared on their website can provide more juice to your SEO strategy if it includes the industry-specific keywords in it. Furthermore, Google does include social networking pages of businesses in its search results. Of course, the most recognized businesses around the world have their websites as the first results on Google search result pages. However, if you search for businesses that are not that known, you end up seeing their social networking profiles. Many of the new music artists, who don’t have their websites yet, get people’s attention through their social networking profiles. If you type a query such as “eat chocolate” right on the first or second page, you will start seeing YouTube video results.

This occurs because the uploader of the video has included keywords with the video, in its title and description. Keywords in your social media content also help you with discoverability. If you are a new business and you don’t have a website yet, you can still appear in search results with your social networking profiles. Use local SEO keywords in your content, and you will surely appear in local searches.

Now, one important thing to understand when you are planning to use keywords in your social sharing is to research the keywords. You have to realize that people don’t search for the same things on social networking websites and search engines. Their queries on search engines are completely different from the queries they will have on Facebook or Youtube. When you create content for social media, you will have to use several tools to find the right keywords that will work with your social media marketing strategy. A person might search for “Rubik’s Cube” on Google but “how to solve a Rubik’s Cube” on Youtube. In short, you will have to find out the keywords that work on social networking platforms using various tools.

Lastly, you must understand how serious Google is with its position as a search engine. It is always updating its search algorithms to match the changing needs of the time. There was no concept of mobile SEO a few years ago, but now it is an important part of search engine optimization. Similarly, you never know when Google feels that using social media to rank websites is a good idea. If this is to happen in future, you can rest assured that your social content is already optimized for SEO.

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