Before You Use Memes For Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for businesses with their social media marketing is to stay relevant to their target audiences. If you are a business that appeals to diversified demographics, you have to be on top of your game at all times. There are many ways to take your SMM to a new level, and usage of memes is one of them. You don’t have to be surprised if your next social media marketing company recommends you to use memes for your brand. However, before you start using memes for SMM, here are some critical considerations.

Know What Memes Are
The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with memes. You have to know what they are. They can be in the form of pictures, gifs, short videos, text, etc. A meme goes viral on the internet because it has some popular cultural reference hidden in it that could be appealing to a particular region, a country or the whole world. Despite the reference to the meme, it has to be humorous every time. You can always use meme images or meme texts in varying combinations to come up with new and creative ways to use the same meme over and over. A good example of a meme text is “Hasta la vista baby” from Terminator 2. Now, the use of this text is only limited by your imagination.
Time Span and Relevance of Memes
The next big thing you need to wrap your head around is the time span and relevance of memes. You want to use the memes with your target audience that are most relevant to them. A particular meme which is very appealing for Americans might not have the same effect in Australia. The relevance of a meme also depends on its timing in addition to the demographics of the audiences it is shared with. By the time you get to know about a meme, it might have already gotten pretty old. Keep in mind that memes live for only a few days. This short-lived nature of memes requires you to put them to use immediately or come up with a unique and refreshing idea to use the same meme after a few months.
Reaction to Memes
Memes can get reactions pretty fast. They have a viral nature and can get shared across dozens of platforms and among millions of people within a few hours. This same viral nature of memes can go against you if you have made a controversial meme. It is easy to become controversial with memes since they have a satiric element to them every time. Use this satiric element in the most harmless way possible to avoid brand damage. If you have created a meme and you feel reluctant to share it foreseeing its controversial nature, it is best to trust your gut feeling and not share it.
Preciseness of Meme Usage
Sometimes, you use a meme in an entirely non-controversial way, and it still goes against your marketing objectives. Why this happens is because brands are trying too hard. The new generation is very aware of what memes are and they hundreds of them every day. They can sense when a meme is creative and when it is a failed attempt. Knowing how good your meme sounds can be quite difficult. It is best to use a social media marketers help in this particular situation. They have many ways of testing and knowing whether a meme will get a response or not.
If you can take care of the important points stated above, you are good to go and use memes to your marketing advantage.