Social Marketing In Riyadh

Most business – whether small or big – can greatly benefit from the Social Marketing In Riyadh concept. Basically, social marketing differs from other forms of marketing. The differences lies in the fact that social marketers seek to influence the behavior and decision of their beneficiaries and not the organization.

Social Marketing In Riyadh has also been adopted in the health industry. It has been used extensively in programs such as oral rehydration therapy and contraceptives issuing. In some instances, it has been used to address diverse topics such as organ donation, drug abuse and organ donation.

Just like the usual commercial advertising, the main focus of social marketing is learning the needs of the consumer rather than forcing them to buy your idea or good. Social marketers talk to the consumer and not about the product. As part of the planning process, it should focus on the needs of the consumer. The elements of the marketing mix – the conception of a product, the price, distribution/place and promotion. They are commonly known as the four “Ps”.


The product in the social marketing is not necessarily in physical form. It may be a service, a tangible physical product, an intangible idea or a practice. For instance in the medical field;

  • Tangible physical product-condoms, pills
  • Service- A medical exam conducted
  • Practice- Breastfeeding
  • Intangible ideas-Environmental protection

For a product to be declared viable, people must perceive a genuine problem that needs addressing. The product should then offer the solution to the problem. It is important to conduct research on the perceptions of the consumer concerning the problem and the product. Their opinion towards the action being taken against the problem should be addressed too.


In this case, price is what the client is expected to do for them to obtain the product. It is usually monetary in most cases. In some instances, it may require intangibles like embarrassment, effort, time and disapproval from the client.


It basically describes how the product will reach the client. When dealing with tangible goods, it is referred to as the distribution system. For intangible goods, it is about channels through which the information will reach the consumers. Accessibility is a factor that should be considered at all times.


Brand visibility is important. In Social Marketing In Riyadh, promotion entails creating and sustaining the demand of the product. It may involve paid service advertisement, public relations, promotions and personal selling.