Social Marketing In Saudi Arabia

Social Marketing In Saudi Arabia is not a new concept in the business world. Social marketing can be defined as a technique used to develop activities which are aimed at maintaining or changing the behavior of people for individual and societal benefits in a cost effective and sustainable way. Social marketing helps brand and business owners to determine:

  • 1.What kind of people will you work with?
  • 2.What behaviors need influencing?
  • 3.How to go about it?
  • 4.How can it be measured?

It is important to note that social marketing and social media marketing are two different concepts.

The approach used in social marketing

Social Marketing In Saudi Arabia follows the approach discussed below:

The first step is getting started. Then it is followed scope, develop, implement, evaluate and a follow up respectively.


One of the goals of social marketing is changing or maintaining the people’s behavior. Other additional goals are increasing knowledge/awareness and changing attitude. It is important to focus on the main agenda though.

Benefits people and society

What exactly can be termed as beneficial? This is the perceived or actual value that the targeted audience can actually feel as a result of the social marketing intervention. Most people tend to think that it what the organization does for them. It is basically creating an understanding between the people and the organization.

Social marketing approach

How do you know if social marketing is adding any value to the project and policies? By asking yourself these simple questions, a lot can be learnt.

Do you have a clear understanding of the target audience? Do you see things from their point of view?

  • Are you clear on the expectations of the target audience?
  • For the benefits on the target audience, do they outweigh the barriers and costs of doing it?
  • Based on the combination of activities used, are they encouraging people to get the desired action?

Benefits of social marketing

Policy: Social Marketing In Saudi Arabia helps to ensure that policies made are based on the understanding of how people live. This makes the goals policy more realistic and achievable.

Strategy: Enables one to target how resources will be used cost effectively and what interventions work best. Always go for a strategy that works.

Implementation and delivery:Social marketing enables people to develop services, products and communication that will fit the needs of the people and motivations.