Social Media Advertising In Saudi Arabia

Social Media Advertising In Saudi Arabia has greatly benefited small and big businesses. It has helped businesses grow to another level. Advertising on social networks has a myriad of benefits. For beginners, the advertising services are free of charge on these sites. Secondly, with a million subscribers and users of the social media platforms, it creates a ready audience for your goods and services.

Types of social networking advertising platforms

Social Media Advertising In Saudi Arabia has been known to use various media platforms. They include:


This is a platform for business professionals. Most ads posted on this site will mainly target the business minded group. It has a high conversion rate. With LinkedIn, it is possible to target an audience using categories such as location, employee title and demographics.

The downside of LinkedIn is that it has a lower click rate for the ads. In addition, an extra cost may be charged for the running the ads. Good thing is that only serious people will click on the ads thereby by passing those who many not be interested.


The benefit of using twitter is that it allows businesses to target their audience based on the current trends. Using hash tags has proved an important feature when it comes to advertising. Another way of reaping maximum benefit is by effectively targeting a specific audience by using a particular person. That person may be an influencer in the industry.

Google +

This site has a post ad feature which increases your chances of reaching a wide audience. One of the advantages is that visitors are not charged or directed to other websites once they click in the link to the advert.

Benefits of online advertising

Social Media Advertising In Saudi Arabia has the following benefits:

  • It is low cost form of advertising and it reaches a larger audience as compared to traditional advertising methods.
  • Business owners who choose the right media, based on the target audience, a larger demographic audience will be reached. For instance, a service or brand targeting professionals in a certain field, LinkedIn would be better as opposed to Facebook.
  • Social media advertising is one of the easiest ways of building business in the online platform as long it is used wisely. It is important to ensure that regular updates are made and the tone used should be kept informal and light. Always respond to queries, questions and comments in good time.