Social Media App Development In Jeddah

Social Media App Development In Jeddah has played a big role in developing the potential of online businesses. The use of social media platforms has played a big role in helping mobile app developers. A study that was conducted revealed that the use of Facebook and Twitter proved an effective advertising tool for businesses. The use of social tools as an advertising feature improved three metric in app campaign: volume, user quality and conversation rates.

How social media platforms have helped mobile app development

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google in the past years have developed features and products that business owners can use to promote their brands. The applications have features that help people build audiences and increase the demand for their products. Here are some apps of the apps they have developed:

Facebook Mobile Install Ads

This is one of the apps that have been used by businesses owners. According to statistics it has been installed in 145 million devices. Social Media App Development In Jeddah companies have found this app useful in creating online visibility of businesses on the online platform. Once someone clicks on the ad, it prompts a download (for those who had not installed) or automatically opens if it was previously installed.

Twitter App Install card

The 140 character limit imposed by Twitter should no longer deter business owners from advertising their brands and services on Twitter without feeling restricted. Currently, with the user of Twitter cards, links can now be included. For instance, a traveling agency may tweet about a certain destination and include a link just below the tweet. Using that link, the followers can easily download the app and read more.

The Google+ sign in

This feature enables guests to your site to sign up for an account on the without necessarily having a different user name and password. As a matter of fact, anyone who logs in to your website will be required to download the app. Any business owner who this app on the site will increase his/her online fan base rapidly.

With the high number of Internet users and smart phones, business owners no longer have to worry about remaining relevant in the online platform. With over 100 million social media users in the US alone, Social Media App Development In Jeddah business reap a lot of benefits and have seen increased engagements from their own followers regardless of their geographical location.