Social Media App Development In Saudi Arabia

There are so many social media development apps ranging from Facebook to Snapchat. However, the year 2015 has seen an increase in new apps according to Social Media App Development In Saudi Arabia companies.

Twitter and Facebook have been the leading apps until recently. However, they have been joined by additional social media networks such as Vine, Pintrest, and Instagram. They have the Internet by storm since their inception. However, here are a few applications that will shake the internet. Not only will they rival Facebook and Twitter, they will earn your bonus for posting.

The new apps to watch out for in 2015

Social Media App Development In Saudi Arabia has identified the new apps to look for in the social media platform. They include:


This is not your usual social media app. Just like the name suggests, it allows users to share secrets with their friends. The catch is that your identity remains anonymous. Friends are allowed to reply anonymously too. Aside from that, the secrets shared can be seen by friends of friends if they ‘love it’. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS enabled devices.


Kleek does not operate on its own. As a matter of fact, it connects to Facebook. It allows users to limit their updates and data to few people in your circle. Those who have installed Kleek only see status from their close friends.


The name is derived from the phrases Want Need, Love. It is an social shopping app downloadable on Android and iOS enabled gadgets. It has products from the big brands globally. The app enables you to shop online, and see what your friends’ wish list. Currently, it has over 11 million users.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak bears some resemblance to Secret. It allows you to share your thoughts with people near you. Posts that have been considered popular by the users get up voted and make it to the top of the newsfeed. In addition, users can see what other users in different location have posted. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android enabled phones.


Shots is similar to Snapchat. According to Social Media App Development In Saudi Arabia, it is a smart phone app that allows users to take photos using the front camera and share them with other users on the similar platform. Comments are not allowed to avoid cyber bullying. It also has a private chat feature.