Social Media Consulting in Saudi Arabia

With more companies and young professionals thriving up in digital marketing, social media management, advertisement and creation of awareness, there is a need to know the exact price charged on Social Media Consulting in Saudi Arabia. These professionals generally have prices that cut across the board by employing various fee structures, that is, from as low as 15 dollars to thousand. The former however, is charge hourly while the latter price implies a full-term project. The tips below can aid you learn how charges are made on various services:

Work Experience

Different consultants will impose varying hourly charges for the same task depending on their level of experience. The one who has great skills in attracting a huge traffic to your website will tend to charge you relatively more expensively than one with less technical skills. If the professional has worked in the same platform before for more than seven years, he or she is more likely to be expensive. At Social Media Consulting in Saudi Arabia, most of the workforce are highly experienced.

Type of Client

Consultants usually bear in mind the type of clients they are dealing with before they can charge their prices. If they are certain that you can afford fatty cash, then believe it or not, they will charge you a bit higher. Elementarily, firms are charged highly than individuals while corporate business owners are similarly highly charged than non-profit making organizations.


This is an important factor which also determines how much you can be charged for the services. For instance, it can affect how much money the specialist wants to make but the least effect is on the actual prices. However, at Social Media Consulting in Saudi Arabia, the prices will tend to remain constant despite where the client is residing. This is attributed to the fact that most of the Social media consultants perform their tasks from outback regions which cannot easily be accessible. Furthermore, they live in distinct regions with their specific clients. All the above factors are based on hourly rather than charging per project.

Charging Per Project

In this case, things are a bit different. The consultants will demand payment on completion of the given project rather than charging for the number of hours worked. They simply look at how much amount they want to make at the end of the day. The charge is derived from the amount that could otherwise be charged if the project was to be paid per hour.