Social Media Experts In Saudi Arabia

Forget Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is the new baby in the social media platform. According to Social Media Experts In Saudi Arabia, Instagram is the place to be. It is a social media platform that has attracted many followers in the recent past. On the same breath, businesses have not been left out. The article will discuss useful Instagram tips that businesses can use to make their online presence visible.

Shoot Square

Instagram is about photos. The basic rule for all Instagram users is to shoot square photos. Most digital cameras and smart phones have settings that make it easy to take square photos. The benefit of square photos is that there will be no need to crop the photo thus no essential elements will be left out.

Having a customized link shortener that tracks traffic

Social Media Experts In Saudi Arabia always emphasize on creating traffic to your site. However, it may difficult to monitor the traffic go their websites. Several tools like Google Analytics can be used but it is not effective when it involves traffic from mobile Instagram account. For accurate monitoring of click rates, using a links from shortenors which are have exclusive Instagram bio URLs are effective. However, a new link will need to be created anytime a custom o default page is opened.

Cross-promoting your partners

Whenever you get the chance, cross-promote! For instance, beer brewers and restaurants can tag each other in their posts. As a result, everyone benefits. The beer company will increase their sales, the restaurants will attract new clients and lastly they get new followers. This is a tip that has always worked. It also fosters good business relationships.

Taking advantage of the trending hash tags

Social Media Experts In Saudi Arabia clearly understand how the use of hash tags can increase online visibility. As long the trending hash tags are relevant to your business, include it in your posts. As the online community follows the trend, they will come across your brand along the way. This means more followers which is good for business.

Mixing videos and photos

Upload videos and photos to your site. The advantage of uploading a video is that they generate links three times as compared to a written post. Videos bring the post to life. Videos tell a story better than an article written in prose. Stop motions videos that feature the product or service midway is one way of advertising without it coming across as a sales pitch to the viewer.