Social Media Marketing Secrets To Help Boost Your Business

Social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways of boosting visibility for a business in the online world. With billions of people visiting social networ…

Social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways of boosting visibility for a business in the online world. With billions of people visiting social networking platforms every day, it sounds counterintuitive to not reach out to these people. It won’t be wrong to say that marketing through social media has redefined branding for businesses. However, it does not help your business to know how big and effective social media is – you have to do something about it. You have to start at some point and incorporate the best social media marketing practices to be successful. To make sure you are successful in your endeavors, here are the top secrets of marketing on social media.

Hire a Professional

People are always telling you how you can market on social media and create a brand image, but they rarely tell you to hire professionals for social media marketing. Social networks work differently for businesses and individuals. You can’t just start your business page on social media and expect to make friends and followers there. As individuals you are not competing with others to get the attention of your target market but as a business you definitely need that attention. You have to make quick adjustments and learn all tricks of trades to be successful. A professional marketing firm can ramp up this process for you.

Know Social Network Specific Audience

If you were not aware already, different social networks have different types of people on them. You have to make use of this information to make the most of a particular social networking platform. For example, anything related to cats is a huge hit on Instagram. Pinterest is more popular among women than it is among men. Furthermore, words like “recipes”, “how to” etc. are most popular and trending on Pinterest. Twitter is most renowned for sharing news and thus you find 83% of the world leaders on this platform too. In a similar way, you will find certain trends in the users of various social networking sites. Know these statistics and facts, and hone your marketing strategy accordingly.

Do Not Sell

There are still many big companies trying to sell their products and services on social media. The biggest mistake you can make on social media as a business is trying to sell yourself. Keep in mind that social media is not your personal website and people don’t go there to buy stuff. Social networking websites are places where people like to interact with their friends and families, meet new people, share information and discover new stuff. For strong social media marketing, you will have to create a separate identity on social media. Rather than telling people about your business all the time, share interesting information related to your industry. Maybe just share with them what they like to hear.

Visuals Matter

It is natural that people are more interested in things they can see. Rather than making your posts text-only, you are highly recommended to incorporate pictures and images in them. Statistics tell that a post that has some sort of image with it will engage 650% more than a post with text content only. Furthermore, more and more content on social media is converting into video. You could increase the chances of selling an item or idea by 85% if you make a video about it. The most interest and attention grabbing way of presenting information to people is through infographics. Did notice how big Pinterest and Instagram have become in the past 3 years? The big reason behind their popularity is that they are image based social networking platforms.