Social Media Marketing Are Completely Changing The Shape Of B2B

​Last year social media marketing took lead in all the strategies of marketing. It has gained worldwide recognition and fame. With the birth of new technologies, new trends for social media will appear that will change the shape of B2B businesses. We believe that following social media trends will emerge and will dominate B2B businesses.

1. Customer Experience
The biggest trend in 2018 will be shifting focus on customer experience. An approach in which all customer experience will be kept in mind when designing web pages or applications. Individuality is the key here, social media marketing will tailor a strategy for B2B businesses where the focus is more on the customer, their needs and wants. They will come up with approaches where the prime focus will not be on gaining profit, but gaining customer loyalty.
2. Artificial Intelligence
More and more B2B businesses will implement AI in their systems. This will help gather a large amount of data so that they can quickly take decisions and build a strategy accordingly. AI will make this possible by analyzing what people look for in the websites, how much time they spend on the internet, their online shopping trends and where they mostly take product review from. B2B business, once have this data in their hands can tailor a strategy to fit their customers, they can target their audience easily and effectively.
3. Visual Overhaul
B2B business will showcase their abilities through visual content. The emphasis is going to be more on graphic designing, videos and beautiful web pages in order to attract audiences. The main purpose of this overhaul would be that their content is engaging to the users who can trend it widely by sharing it on different social media websites and whatnot. B2B business will believe on making their content as much as appealing as possible.
4. Mobile Marketing
Since people are becoming more and more dependent on their mobile phones to visit websites, to shop, etc. the upcoming trend for B2B businesses would be to implement mobile web pages and applications completely. They would make sure that the experience a user gets on desktop PC is similar to what they would get on a smartphone. B2B businesses now realize the full potential of mobile-friendly applications and web pages, and they can now cater a larger number target audience.
5. Qualify Social Data
B2B business will start to qualify the data they will gather from social media marketing. They will gather and analyze it, which will help identify how impactful their marketing campaigns were on different social media websites and how many leads were converted into sales.The more they know about the impact, the better they will be able to judge and invest in that particular area.
6. More Social Media Tools
The upcoming years will not be about using only one tool in social media platform. B2B businesses will enjoy more and more advantages of tools available to them. For example, they will use Twitter’s newly launched ‘moments’ tab to tweet more about their products and their stories. They can share reviews and provide more knowledge about their products, services, ethics vision and mission.
7. Real-time
Real-time responsiveness will be one of the biggest trends in social media marketing for B2B businesses. It means that a B2B business will make sure their content is fresh and up to date highlighting all the latest and relevant trends going on. If they see a shift in trend, they can immediately replace their content, and in real time.