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Social Media Monitoring In Jeddah

Social Media Monitoring In Jeddah has really changed the lives of many people. The presence of social media platforms has made life easier for business owners who run their businesses online. Most of the people do not have a clear understanding of the concept of social media marketing.

Understanding social media monitoring concept

Social Media Monitoring In Jeddah basically entails listening to conversations on social networks that mention your brand or name of organization. Traditionally, social media monitoring was a tedious and long process. It was also an expensive affair since it involved the use of high end tools. Therefore many business owners opted out. However, thanks to technological advancements and the introduction of free monitoring tools, it has become a lot easier. And who hates free tools?

Getting started on social media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring In Jeddah is a very easy process. The first step is compiling keywords. The keywords are words used by clients as they search your brand or product. These are words that they use in their conversations. Brainstorm on keywords that you think your clients may be using as they search and converse about your brand online. Once you get a list of the keywords, use the available tools to see the number of mentions online. In the process, users may make important discoveries on tweets, videos and photos about their brand.

The social media monitoring tools

There are several tools that can be used. The good news is that most of them are free to use. The tools give the media conversations an interesting and enjoyable feel. Some of the popular tools are:

Hootsuite: Popular with social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It has analytical reports and the ability to allow multiple administrators to manage accounts.

TweetDeck: It has some features similar to HootSuite. It is good for beginners. It has the ability to schedule tweets, manage multiple accounts and monitor hash tags and mentions.

Others include Klout and Social Mention

Benefits of social monitoring

Social learning has short and long term benefits. Benefits of social monitoring include:

  • It is now easy to respond to the clients' feedback and a question in real time. This avoids escalation of disputes.
  • The online image and brand of the business is enhances and it shows responsiveness and interest to the clients.
  • Based on the conversations from the clients, it will determine the best way to raise the service or brand awareness.
  • It is easy to listen to the clients' feedback and develop products/services that meet their needs.
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Social Media Management Services In Saudi Arabia
Social Media Monitoring In Saudi Arabia

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