Best Social Networks For Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most effective methods of marketing available to businesses today. Social networking platforms are the places from where businesses can reac…

Social media marketing is the most effective methods of marketing available to businesses today. Social networking platforms are the places from where businesses can reach a global audience. They can then target their audience based on their preferences, buying habits, gender etc. But if you start researching, you will end up having a list of hundreds of social networking platforms. It is not practical to market on all of them. Even if you use professional social media marketing services, they will only focus on the most productive and lucrative social networks. So what are the best social networks for to get the most of your social media marketing?


So there are things that don’t have to be said to be understood. If you talk about the biggest search engine, the only name that comes to mind is Google. Similarly, when you talk about the biggest social network, the only name that appears in mind is Facebook. Facebook has billions of users, better yet, billions of active users. It is best for sharing images, videos, gifs and all other types of content. This is the social network that you can use to target the youth and the old ones. Facebook even allows targeted marketing for a very small price.


While Facebook is a great place to target your customers and end consumers, LinkedIn is the father of B2B relations. LinkedIn is the most professional social network and it attracts a very professional audience towards it. You have to build connections on LinkedIn to make the best of it. It’s is also a great place to find the most skilled and suitable staff for your business. LinkedIn Groups allow you to gather businesses that belong to the same industry or niche.


The biggest reason why you should be present on Instagram today is because it is probably the most popular social network for celebrities and young generation. If you have a business that promotes fashion accessories, clothing and stuff, this is the best platform for you. Everything is promoted in the form of images, so the impact of marketing through Instagram is very strong.


This is the platform where you have to choose your words wisely. Twitter is the best platform when it comes to making big announcements about your business, products and services. If you have some creative content to share, make sure to share it on Twitter first because of its quality of making things go viral. Always stay on top of the trending hashtags to produce relevant, interesting and appealing content for your target audience.


At first glance, Pinterest might seem like Instagram, but there is a huge difference between them. The first and foremost noticeable thing about Pinterest is that it really appeals to the female audience. There are more females on Pinterest than there are males. It is also the social networking platform where words like “how to”, “recipe”, “easy”, “free”, “chocolate”, “homemade” etc. are the most commonly used words.


YouTube is all about the power of video content. YouTube is also one of the places where things can go viral immediately. However, it is not as easy to use YouTube as it may seem. Looking at the view count of most business related videos on YouTube you could easily tell that these videos don’t get any attention. The best way to market on YouTube is by coming up with creative ideas and make videos around them. Do not try to sell your products straightforwardly. Try to figure out how you can turn your products or business idea into something funny, appealing and emotionally inciting.