5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Hosting

Investing in managed hosting is a must for any business. You may feel that opting for free services is the right option as you don’t have to bear any costs and still get …

Investing in managed hosting is a must for any business. You may feel that opting for free services is the right option as you don’t have to bear any costs and still get the services you are looking for. However, this means you will have to compromise on quality and reliability. Plus, you won’t be able to access the many useful features managed hosting providers offer to their clients. At the end of the day, as long as your business is using the internet, you will need web services and the best approach is to hire a professional.

The key to understanding this lies in knowing that the professionals bring to the table. For one, they provide a comprehensive solution that caters to all your web needs. Plus, they are more reliable and you can hold them accountable should something go wrong. And these are not the only reasons why managed hosting is the perfect option for your business. Here’s a look at several other benefits you can gain by hiring a professional web service:

1. Reliable Customer Support

No web host will guarantee you 100% up time. The best you can get is 99.9% up time, but that still means there is a chance you will experience some downtime. There is the risk that the downtime occurs at a time when you can least afford it. Therefore, by going for un-managed services, you leave your business vulnerable. Your operations could come to a halt if you don’t have the requisite bandwidth or support. A managed service will provide reliable customer support, ensuring your problems are addressed without delay.

2. Complete Control

Since you are paying for the services, you have complete control over the content and data you upload or post online. In the case of un-managed web hosts, you might not have access to content once you post it, which can be highly inconvenient should you need to make any changes down the line.

3. Unique Domain

By hiring a professional web host, you can expect to receive at least one unique domain name. This actually gives you the chance to set up a web portal exclusively for your business. Again, this is something you don’t get when using free services. Even if you are receiving the required bandwidth, these additional features, which may also include a unique email ID, can add the X-factor your business requires.

4. Flexibility

Any business worth its salt would know that bandwidth needs change over time. Either you bring in more employees or perhaps your business grows exponentially in a short period. In that case, the web host you are partnering with should be able to accommodate your changing requirements and provide more bandwidth and all the additional features that you may require. This is one of the main reasons why you should look for a professional managed hosting service now so you can keep working with them in the long run.

5. Guaranteed Up time

Last, but not the least, professional services guarantee a minimum up time percentage, which in most cases is 99.9%. You cannot count on un-managed service providers or free services to provide the up time you will require when running a business. In fact, if you choose the right vendor, you will get a guarantee for the up time that will ensure you don’t have to face any hassle once you start using their services.

These are some of the many benefits that you can enjoy by investing in professional managed hosting services for your business. In this day and age where businesses rely increasingly on the internet, this is a need more than a luxury, and you should definitely consider it.